Simply, I want to keep a running list of chores, projects, and various affairs that pop into my head, to accomplish at some point in time.
I shall add new stuff on top, and write DONE when something is accomplished. I am hoping to look back and see a lot of DONE's. This would please me. :D

Make Xmas Tree Skirt
Sew Cover for Punching Bag
Sell something on Ebay DONE!!!
Figure out how to sell stuff on Ebay DONE
Paint the dining room wall
Organize Closet
Find a Dress Form
Make a Quilt
Re-finish Mid Century Tables
Polish Moto Frame
Get Motorcycle parts anodized purple
Make Another Duct Tape Dress Form
Make a Duct Tape Dress Form. DONE BUT FAILED
Sew new purple cushion covers for Danish chairs DONE
Stain Danish chairs a dark walnut DECIDED NOT TO
Paint sunflowers
Paint Palm Tree sunset
Make a dress Vogue 9015
Make a 50’s dress McCall’s 9777
Find the McCall’s 6015, or 6150, or 9740. The walkaway dress, or the Saturday Morning dress from the 50’s.
Find Remnants of Hardwood Floor on CL
Replace carpet with hardwood floors
Hang up TV DONE
Get Giant Frame for TV DONE
Paint Living Room Wall Yellow DONE
Make a Scrub Top DONE

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