Happy Valentine's Day!

I was really committed to a Cupid themed photoshoot, but her 20 minute refresher nap didn't give me enough time to scrounge up feathers for wings.  (Or, I guess, less authentically paint some onto cardboard).  That and she HATED the fluffy halo headband so much, that my Cupid was going to have a decidedly un.angelic face.  With chewed bits of fluffy headband remnants all around.   I would have *really* wanted to go gather seagull feathers by the shore, for the most spectacularglued wings ever, but I started doubting their hygenic potential.  Can feathers transmit rabies?  Do seagulls have rabies?  Other skin deseases?  Fleas, perhaps?  These things keep me up at night.  Thankfully, because I never got off my bum, they don't have to this time around.

I'm trying to get back into blogging.  By which I mean, at least once daily I think very hard, "I should blog about this" but then I don't.  So, I'm 50% there.  There  are so many cool things I want to write about, and photos I want to share, but then I don't, and then other cool new things happen, and then I forget, and then it never happens.  It must be a time management issue.

It makes me feel like this:

(Those chocolate strawberries are downright heart breaking when they're rudely taken away).

I'm going to be better.  From now on, I will write once a week, for sure.  And then we'll see.  A similar approach to the gym has blossomed brilliantly, and I'm almost, like, a runner.  (Well, a waddling runner wanna-be, like my friends who actually are runners but let's not split hairs).