Living with Mice

She's almost a year old!!  I literally can not believe she's here.  I made (well, we made..) this little person, and I grew her, and she's strutting around now, with opinions and preferences that I DIDN'T make.  Last Tuesday she took her first two steps towards Mary Ann, our neighbor.  Then she took a couple more when her dad got home.  On Thursday, she took four steps towards Liz, our other neighbor.  Since then, she's decided it's overrated.

She walks holding  my finger, and RUNS if she can get both hands.  She runs around the block with her push toy.  But, when we try and trick her into more steps, she sits down, or goes to crawl.  She's even developed a spider type crawl - just feet and hands, no knees.  I guess she doesn't think very highly of walking.  If she's too tired, in protest, when we let go off her hands, she folds onto the floor entirely, head and everything and acts sleepy.  I'm pretty sure it's a ploy to get picked up.

Today, Mr Snork was feeding her, and every time I came by, she'd get irritated.  We thought I was distracting her from food.  Mr Snork thought it was funny, and had me come over again, to check.  She stared me down, and then let out a little scream/grunt, as she slapped her hand on the table.  The universal "get out of my face"??

Twenty minutes later, Mr Snork was putting her to bed, as I sat on the couch, feeling appropriately dejected.  Mouse came by to say good night, and was ALL smiles.  Even with the "LoL" face - where she opens her mouth wide, as if she's laughing, but not really.

I just told Mr Snork, how odd it was that she changed her attitude towards me back and forth so suddenly.  He said, "She knows she's gotta blow you kisses before bed time.  You're the one who gets up and tends to her in the morning".

On one hand, I don't think she could possibly be that crafty.  On the other, she probably already is.

I made her a couple of cloth diapers, for fun.  She tore them off immediately, and wanted nothing to do with them.

A friend of mine has totally punked me with Naartjie.  As in, introducing me to it.   I have, for the most part avoided buying new baby clothes, save a clearance item here and there at Baby Gap, or a tutu at Target.  I spent $130 at Naartjie this month.   The friend in question would suggest we stop by there every time we were at a mall, to buy clothes for her little boy.   Now, her "little" boy is close to 30 lbs at 8 months, and Naartjie baby clothes don't even fit him.   But Mouse looks ADORABLE in their stuff.   I don't even know how this happened, but she owns their spring line in 3 colours.  Mr Snork is in shock.   I should probably get to sewing a lot more cloth diapers, HA.