The Brilliant Mouse and Spring Swimsuits

I was getting ready to call Harvard earlier today.  Mouse can drink from a straw!   She didn't know anything about straws earlier today, or cups.  And now, she can drink from a straw.

I saw a baby sip water from a Starbucks cup at Sprouts earlier this week, and was overcome with baby development envy.  But, clearly, Mouse has been ready to sip from straws a long time ago, it's just that none had been provided.  (Probably even earlier than the show-off Sprouts baby.  Definately earlier.)

 She can also 'high five' me, and hand me things that I point to.  She can walk when I hold both her hands (she's tricky and won't step forward till she's got your other hand..). She can grab things with two fingers.   And now, she's can casually sip her Similac, well, her Kirkland-Similac from a Starbucks cup, if need be.  Take that, Sprouts baby.   I've been walking with my chest puffed the whole day.  

In a super unrelated story (except puffy chests), I am currently sewing a bathing suit.  Which means I'm not even done with it yet. Helpfully, I skipped away from a  glorious estate sale last weekend with a BOX of woolly nylon serger thread.   I estimate I have enough thread for 80 swimsuits,  give or take 50.  If I just wasn't so slow.

It took one night to make 3 muslins for the shorts alone, one night to set up the serger, another night to fix the serger after I messed with it too much, and a couple of nights of Half Marathon training zapping all of my will to move and just spacing out at PatternReview.com.  Despite all this, I consider this current swimsuit in the bag, and eyeballing my next one:

I can practically SEE myself in this, in Hawaii.  So, I have a month to finish the one I'm working on, confirm that I am, in fact a master seamstress of the swimsuit, hunt down this one, and also make IT.