McCalls 6420 Alice in Wonderland Cont'd. (Queen of Hearts)

I loved this patterns.  May be quilting made me a faster seamstress, I don't know, but this thing came together in three days, from cut to lace edging, and that is unheard of.  And I'm talking days, like, after Mr Snork gets home and takes the children so this:

this tension seems really tense..
doesn't happen.  Or this:

Bye bye bobbin

I shortened bodice an 1.5", and took it in 1.5".  Took skirt in 4", but should have taken in a foot.  This thing weighs 80 pounds.  And required a petticoat.  (Petticoat included in the 3 days, what?!)

The peplums and the skirt for the smallest size, at least, can be smaller.  My peplum fabric is gathered to the max, so it the skirt.  A couple needles bit the dust.  Basically, you're attaching something very small to something super giant, and at the some point, the extra fabric doesn't do you any good anymore.

But I'm not bitter, this is a queen dress, and queens have giant skirts.  Also, I'm secretely hoping that the sheer weight of this dress will tire out Mouse, and she only makes it to 3 houses before trick or treating is done.  I also used 4" horsehair braid in the hem.  That took it from this:

to this:
when you add the petticoat, it's queen material for sure.

Finished length from neck to center back hem is 30", (I took 4" off the shortest hem size, but because I used hem tape me hem allowance was only 1/4")

The most exciting part of all of this is that ALL the fabric came from my stash.  The fact that I had foresight to buy 3 yards of bright red crepe (whyyyyyy??)  for $2 at a rummage sale years ago just tickles me.  And black crepe.  And cream poly.  Because with the yardage requirement of this thing,  you end up in the situation where buying a ready made is cheaper.   But at $6, I felt like I could still go to JoAnn's and get some fancy gold trim for the front panel:

And the sleeves.

Apparently I have a thing for gold trim.  I stopped just short of the 21.99/yd rhinestone ribbon, cause that didn't seem cost effective..May be one day..

This is going to be my favorite pattern for any kind of queen, princess, whatever dress.  It comes together super quickly, and has a matching cape.  CAPE, people.  The cape set me back $20 in fake velvet and adorable card fabric, but I was OK with that in large scheme of $6 things.

Did I mention it has a train?  Because it does.
 And a giant bow.  

I kind of wish I had made it for myself, I never got to wear a dress with a butt bow. ever, and I feel like that window is closing fast.

eat all the candy

My plan must have worked, because not three houses down, all she wanted to do was sit and eat candy.  Score!

Game of Thrones anyone?