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Excercising - I don’t like it. Not one bit. But, ever since Jesse, I got what my girlfriend called a “boyfriend layer”. A boyfriend layer is about 20 pounds of crumpets distributed over my butt, thighs, waist, and arms. It’s odd how little of it goes to you boobs. Go figure. Once everything, including the sweatpants no longer fit, I had to make slight changes to ..everything.

So, the evening crumpets had to go. I have a fruit tart at home right now, but I budget calories for it. I can also have crumpets if there’s gym time on the horizon. I am, however, lazy, and would rather be at home sewing than at a gym. (24 Hour Fitness, you’re welcome for my monthly $20 donation) . Sugar got cut out long time ago, and I find I don’t miss it in the tea. Sometimes, for a strong tea, I put a pinch of Stevia in. I would like to learn to cook with Stevia, but it has a distinct taste and does not have the same heat stability/properties as sugar. I'll put it on the List. I’m a huge fan of sugar free syrup on French toast.

Very simply put, I have to eat less. It used to be that it didn't matter, but after I turned 24-ish, it started mattering. In my natural, undisturbed state, I can easily pack an extra 9000 calories a day just with creme brulee alone. I like full fat everything. I grew up drinking raw eggs and eating lard fried in lard. Cardiac arrest takes a LOT of people in Russia at a fairly young age. Sigh.

I try to replace my portion of pasta dishes with whole wheat pasta. Yes, it requires boiling two pots of water, but as long as all four burners are in working order, it doesn't put me out much. This might be slightly psychotic, but I pick out excess white bread out of rolls, and even some bagels. This only works if you like crusts as much as I do. I've also been known to chew a couple of Doritos and spit them out, but it's nothing I'd admit to in public. Cause that's crazy people talk. And, anyway, people shouldn't leave Doritos on public food tables at work while I'm trying to be good. They should leave carrots and broccoli bits, the dirty critters.

I replaced lunches at work. Good bye In N Out, hello Lean Pockets, or Lean Cuisines, or left overs from a dinner. Jesse has a gallbladder stone issue, where he has to limit the intake of fat per meal, so this helps with my cooking - It might be a Russian thing, but if left ot my own devices, I'd like to fry everything in butter, and douse my lettuce with straight sunflower oil and salt instead of dressing. Having to cook in small bits of olive oil and PAM (yuck) and much less frying of anything has probably been a step in a healthy direction.

I am not a fan of any diets, because they are, by definition, restrictive, and I don't think I could keep one up forever. Or for a week. I subscribe to the very general (Calories In) - (Calories Out) = (My Butt Size) equation theory, where a creme brulee = 5 miles on elliptical. Needless to say, I just don't eat very many creme brullees.

I have also read and appreciates the premises of the Grapefruit diet, and what I got from that is that I eat more graprefuits. This also seems to be working. I try to stock me a bag for the week at work. It hasn't been proven that grapefruit causes more fat burn, so I don't want to dive head first into a strict regimen I'll never be able to keep up (although, if you can, I've heard good things about it). But, it's almost certain that eating a grapefruit burns more fat than eating a bag of vending machine M&M's, what with having to find a pointy spoon and everything.

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