Small Victories – Up yours, html..

I set out to widen my blogger template, after I crammed all the pictures into the Gorman Camping post, they looked nothing like the ‘preview’ claimed they would. Everything was super squished.

I spent, no joke, a day doing this, and when I was done I felt slightly dumber than I started out. My very first step was to scroll down, find the section called */main – and increase it from 430 pixels to 500. (Remember this, it will come up again at the climax of this story)

I did this, and the whole posting gig moved down under the side bar. Not cool. I didn’t save changes, and went on to look up web tutorials, message boards on html, and everything else, and spent all types of time increasing something called the outer and the inner "wrapper", successfully, but not being able to “stretch” the text into the now bigger box. Never mind that part of the text box was a different color. I pick my battles.

Something called “padding”, decreased, helped a little, the text now stretched into the widened, ‘discoloured’ part of the text box. But, even though the “wrappers” were all widened up to par, the margin between the sidebar and the posts widened, and I couldn’t get it narrowed. I messed with every single “margin” parameter on there, (clicking preview after each time) and it did nothing but drive me to drinking.

I posted a question on a message board where people came in with fancy words like “stylesheet”.. or abbreviations like “CSS” or “CCS”. Hard saying.

I picked it up again this morning. Having hit every other “wrapper” parameter, and googling things like,

“display:block means what?”

and writing my own “code”

< text align: MORE LEFT DAMMIT >

Recalling late night DeVry university commercials with regret, I kept scrolling down. */main – the very first thing I changed pre-tutorials. I gather, it governs the actual ‘text’ bit. Still at 430px. Change to 500. Wider text happiness ensued.

2 days. 2. Days. Screw you, html, says I.

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