Seen today – Eddie Bauer high chair

It was outside the Salvation Army on Harbor St in Costa Mesa, and it was pretty. It was $17, dark wood, and a little removable seat cover.
The plastic tray is missing, but it matters not. Plastic trays are ugly anyway. This probably throws a wrench into the whole, feeding a child business one might engage in around a highchair, but to me, it just makes it prettier.

I didn't get it, but I want it, and I hope someone else does soon before I break down and sneak it into our garage. "To stain, paint, and re-sell". I've seen my boyfriend fall for some pretty ridiculous stuff, but I didn't wanna push my luck. I have an unreasonable obsession with high chairs. Downright psychotic, when you consider I have no children and am not pregnant. But every time I see one, I want one. To use as plant stand? A side table?

Some people collect and display dolls and teddy bears on them, which probably works. But I think dolls are creepy, and I’m fresh out of teddy bears. Plus, Jesse had indicated that stuffed animals won’t do great things for his psyche, so I am limited to my box of beanie babies to do with what I will in the spare bedroom/office. I’ve thought about beanie babies on a high chair, but it looks weird. Like they were meant to be eaten and then weren’t.

It's not ALL high chairs, it's just the pretty ones. The one below didn't appeal to me at all.

It might be a biological clock thing, or, more likely, just a weird subset of a more serious, chairs-in-general fixation I have. I love the mid century Danish pair. Especially because the cushion covers are simple rectangles, I can have multiple sets in different colours and patterns. (it’s on the List of Conceived Ideas with Delayed Execution. Current backlog: about 20 projects) I even have one in the bathroom, as a towel stand. Or, in case you wanted to have a conversation with whoever’s in the shower. These things happen.

There is also an Antique Needlepoint Chair, an Ugly But Comfortable Desk Chair, and a Danish Sewing Machine stool. This last one is has an upholstered lid that opens to store sewing stuff. I was enthralled. It even came with parts of a sewing machine, that were absolutely of no use to me, but interesting regardless.

So, clearly, I have a chair issue, and a highchair is a really really pretty little chair. With long legs. And a tray, sometimes. The only thing possibly more appealing than a highchair is a properly built and adequately pretty rocking chair; but if a high chair and a rocking chair were slipping off a cliff and I had to save one, it’d be a rough day.

I got to drag home a couple one day, when Jesse was feeling generous. Yes, a couple. I’m just as horrified admitting it in public, as I was adamant about getting them. One as a plant stand? Right now it holds flower vases and keys in lieu of an entry table, and one, as usual, “to resell”. I think the white wooden highchair was the absolute all time victory of the “I’ll resell it” argument, and a testament that men are, indeed, weak creatures.

"Key Holder #1" and "Re-Sell Project #2":

I have yet to touch up the paint on it, or to get ready to part with it, so it stands, somewhat creepy-like next to my sewing machine. A crown jewel in the Collection of Things I Really (Truly) Could Do Without. Occasionally I toy with stacking books on it, a vase, or something else that would turn down the creep factor, and fail. By itself, however, it is spectacular. It’s got a little carved design and some faded pastel blue paint on the back.

The little tray is also wooden and white. It has a little leather strap for holding tiny things in. I would make a really crappy EBay seller, because I don’t think I’d ship the item. Ever. I think for now, I will settle for trying to wiggle my girlfriend’s 3 year old into it. And telling guests it’s something I’m storing for a friend. In my living room. So I don’t forget. Really.

On the bright side, if ever I found myself knee deep in pregnant,the house may be full of pointy edges, sharp corners, and small swallowable objects, but there are also two high chairs. Ready to go. And beanie babies.

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