Project Complete - Framed TV

The hanging, framed TV is here!

A couple holes in the walls for the wires to be fished through, and this project is done! I’m super excited, I wanted that TV up and gone off the floor space.

It’s only been a couple months, but it feels like we’ve been planning it forever. Jesse and I saw the awesome old frame in a Pacifica junk shop during Fog Fest, couple months ago, and thought it might be cool to frame our TV. Then we went to Aaron Brothers, got told it would be about $500-700 to get a frame about 30x40, got butthurt, and went back to Pacifica's Debbie's Attic. $50 dollars later, the Frame was had.

The wall got painted an Golden Nugget Yellow. The TV bracket got ordered from Amazon ($27!) Surprisingly, it got stellar reviews, so I’m hoping it won’t just fold in anytime soon, leaving a pile of plasma TV behind.

I negotiated a TV position 3” higher than Jesse wanted it. Actually, a LOT higher than Jesse wanted it. I had a girlfriend over to take notes for when she goes to hang her TV, and further my cause, if need be, but she sided with Jesse on the whole TV height deal. They both lost. My contention was that it would look stupid at knee level or wherever he thought it’d be ideal, and he didn’t want to spend money in chiropractor bills from craning his neck. 3” accidental inches later, a deal was struck. By sheer luck, he measured wrong (this type of sheer luck happens often for him, HA!) and the TV is up where I like it. Something about not wanting to take 8 bolts out of studs. Score!

I view it as more of a pretty frame on the wall, so I’m not really concerned with “optimal viewing angles” and whatever other rubbish he was babbling about. But he does the actual watching of the TV, so I couldn’t hoist it up by the ceiling like I’d have liked.

Jesse got every swatch of purple color imaginable, and when I had a complete retinal overload, he just picked. He’s a lot better at picking out things that make sense, as opposed to veering towards the brightest, most sensory obnoxious option available, so the purple we ended up with I love. It looks good with yellow, and it seems to be the same red/purple colour family of the Danish Chair cushions, which pleases me.
I guess with only 2” showing you can’t really go wrong anyway, but now I have ¾ of a can of a brilliant purple color that’s making Jesse nervous. (Bathroom? Hallway wall? Stripes? Background for Golden Nugget comet tails? The possibilities!) From now on, I think we need only pick out the swatches of the most basic in house brand paint offered. Then, if there's r e a l l y nothing that strikes my fancy, we can proceed to the 7 million shades Benjamin Moore offers.

The inside of the frame got marked, and painted 4 layers of purple.

Layer 1 was pretty unimpressive:

Layer 2 was still weak:

Then it got all types of better:

Oddly, if you look closely, it needs another coat, but barely 2.5” are visible top and bottom, and it was midnight at that point. It came out to a really nice purple:

The 35lb frame got hoisted on two enormous 75lb anchors, into studs (WIN!); the TV got hung in middle.

I am really pleased with the profile, I thought it would stick out a lot further. The Cheetah Wall Mount had 1.9 profile, according to the specs, the frame is ~3" thick. The purple hides all the bracket nonsense, what little of it you might spot from the side.

Jesse’s currently wandering Ace Hardware looking for tools to make holes in drywall for wires. (My idea of punching it with a fist didn’t fly. I had others, involving screwdriver and a hammer, and butter knife and a heavy shoe, but never even got to voice them)

The semi finished product, as viewed from the couch (chiropractor nothing,) and imagine the wires hidden inside the wall:

We still need somewhere to stack all the DVD, Wii, and related fluff. I found an awesome bookshelf type thing on Craigslist, but Jesse vetoed. Too big, he said. Phhhth says I. But the search goes on.


Jesse made holes in wall, and wires are now hidden. The holes look better than if he had let me take a screwdriver and hammer to them:

The finished product:

I also discovered that we can hook up our laptop to the TV, and Google Pictures Screen Saver. I can have the TV play music and show me pictures of me, ALL day EVERY day.

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