Someone let me cut their hair!!

I hope it was as good for you as it was for me, Heather!!

May be she did have some second thoughts.

I have no hair cutting experience at all, ever. When I was little, I got one of those spiky grabby weed balls stuck in my hair, and trying to get it out, made a big knotty mess with the ball in the middle. So, I cut the ball out, with some scissors I found, and saw all this long hair on the floor, and threw it away. Then, for a few years I could only wear a ballet bun (Yuck!) because I had all this butt long hair my mother refused to cut, and this little rooster mohawk right on top. So, think an off center, high top bun to hide the nonsense. Traumatic, to say the least. Ever since then, I sometimes think about trimming my own bangs, but then I put the scissors down.

Anyway, I read all these hair cutting tutorials, most of which oddly revolve around one cutting one's OWN hair. Umm, scary.

There was the whole deal about dividing one's hair into 7 sections.. But the diagrams I found seemed to disagree on where those section are exactly, and I don't think I have 7 clips, anyway.

So, the best one I found talked about a stationary guide - where you cut the top section of hair, as short as it needs to be, and then bring up each subsequent strand vertically to it, and cut at level, the idea being that once it falls down, all hair will be at different length, according to their origin point on the head, and form layers.

I think it was pretty successfull.



During: (Beer for courage)

I cut the first few slips bluntly across top, but they looked weird and choppy when fallen to bottom and combed out, so I tried to cut it the way I'd seen Vincent (dude who does both our hair, coincidentally) do: by holding the tip of the combed strand, and cutting at a slight angle, letting hairs fall out, sort of starting over and making several small cuts in one strand as opposed to one cut across. I don't know if Vincent would have been proud, but I am pretty pleased. I also charge a lot less. Like, nothing, and I provide a beer to take the 'edge' off possible results. Vincent is a magical creature (Tryko Salon in Newport Beach) but his rates are steeper.

I guess the same concept can practiced on one's own head, but one would have to be pretty brave. It seemed that I cut forever, and there was ALL this hair on the floor.. but she also doesn't look like she's lost any. Sigh. I hope Heather makes with pictures after she dyes it dark!

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  1. The hair is awesome. I figured, with your mad levelling skillz, it'd at LEAST be symmetrical, so... there's that. MUAH!