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At a weird “estate sale”,.. (ones where stuff looks old and ratty and in someone's driveway, yet priced at thousands).. this spectacular $1900 couch.

Had it been $30, I’d have dragged it home, where Jesse would have to build a loft to support any more “pieces” . Luckily, it was $1870 over our budget.
It is my personal opinion, that if you sell $2000 couches, you should put them in a setting other than your ratty driveway, but the guy seemed pretty excited about his couch. It was "an investment piece", and "would probably sell for $9,000 in an intique shop down the street. You never know, it IS Orange County, I guess. I just don't know how many people cruise around yard sales with $1900 in pocket.

Still, I am guessing stripped to dark walnut and upholstered in something less .. blue and flowery, it would be awesome.
- Ceramic parrots? Swinging on my porch? Bright colors and everything? Yes, please! I had talked the guy down to 5$ a parrot, but he wanted me to buy all, and I really thought that 4th was hideous.
It would be cool to paint them ivory, and have black stars/flowers/swirls painted all over. But Jesse seemed to think they would then lose their “parrotness”. Parrots fail.
It’s probably for the best, our 2nd floor deck isn’t nearly big enough to accommodate 4 big hanging parrots, without knocking into them incessantly. Jesse suggested taking the 4th one and using it as target, like those clay pigeons, but I don't have the heart to blow up something brightly painted, even if it is hideous.
- I did find some awesome Paul Frank shoelaces, and ALMOST got a pair of flippers. Then Jesse informed me I can get flippers in a myriad of colours that aren’t orange and blue, so I skipped away with visions of glittery purple pink flippers. Watch out, SoCal beaches.
- A book on survival. I’m pretty sure I can survive just fine anywhere, but I’ve seen Jesse pick through his “white only” chicken meat at Flame Broiler. I’m fairly certain eating tree bark is not a concept he’s on board with, so he needs all the help he can get.
- An old book on the psychology of male/female conversation..having. I intend to read it, and analyze everything Jesse says thoroughly for a couple weeks, until he either has a breakdown, or the fun runs out.
- A first edition of Tom Sawyer. It’s beautiful, old, and has few coloured pictures. I have been meaning to pick up a copy at Barnes and Noble, as soon as Jesse has finished Huckberry Finn. I’m convinced it’s imperative he reads all happy childhood classics to make up the giant black void he must be suffering (he hides it really well).
Other things worthy of note:
Clay fish. After the parrot fiasco, I was certain I need to get them, paint them ivory and black, write “here, fishy fishy” and hang on a bathroom wall.

They sold before I went back to them, but above is my nostalgic concept drawing.. Drat.

Various chairs.

This ceramic life size statue/lamp.

I mean, if you were going to go completely over the top, why not do it with crystal ball grapes, lights, and a lady wearing all types of bright foldy ceramic clothing? $449.

- Black leather gloves. $2 They are super thin. I'm thinking, cat skin? I shall cut off the fingers, and wear them with sundresses that my tattooed forearm otherwise prevents wearing at work. I've rectified it in the past on super hot days by Ace bandages and a cut off tube sock (striped yellow and green, even) and I am thinking this might be an upgrade. Hopefully, He Who Signs the Paychecks will agree, or I'll have to find other uses. They'll likely still have to do with sundresses and excersizing individuality. Ha.

Total weekend shopping cost – about ~$7, plus gas. AND, I wore my weight vest everywhere, so I imagine I burned 80,000 calories hopping in and out of the truck. WIN!

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