SoCal Weekends

I get off work at 6. Meh. By the time time I get home it’s too late to even call my mom in Chicago. And it’s dark. It seems like I only have a couple hours a day for anything, so I love weekends.

In SoCal, weekends are pretty much always perfect. It’s usually warm and sunny in the midday, and cool on mornings and evenings. It rains rarely, and when it does, it reminds me of Chicago, and makes me happy. It also pushes on the dust in the desert and I think about all the good dirtbiking that can be done. We haven’t gone dirtbiking since our bi-annual Moab, Utah trip, so I’m itching to go.

Last weekend we went up to Laguna Beach, see if any dumpstering can be done (a.k.a garage saling), but failed, since we got a really late start. We stopped at a few places, but nothing exciting.

Except may be this dress

But not really

Too small. I don't know how cute it is for an almost 30 year old to run around in a tiny Strawberry Shortcake dress. Probably a lot less cute than it is in my head, and, even then, I'm not picturing a 10.

One chick having a sale told us about the ‘crazy people that showed up at 6:30 for her 7am sale’. I nodded sympathetically, and heard Jesse snickering. In our defence, we’ve never shown up early, but have been known to hit an estate sale at 8am on the dot. But only a couple times. The lady also had an antique chair I entertained wanting..but decided I’ll hold out for something truly spectacular. My step mom has a round one, with mangos and flowers carved in the back. Something like that, to feed my chair fetish. I doubt Jesse will let me drag yet another chair home anyway, so there was also that.

Mask. Cute. $5. Meh.

We went to a work wedding Saturday night. I don't really like weddings - specifically, I don't like the long, drawn out ones where people start to get restless. Anyone see the Friends episode where Chandler kept calling their upcoming wedding a 'party' and almost got univinted? Jesse and I left early to get to watch Rogers-Emelianenko fight, so we never got to cake cutting, but it was lovely. The bride sang, and my *other date* was hot:

We also ventured to San Clemente. There are a couple shops I like to visit. One of them had a beautiful motorcycle. It was $1200, and the owner kept going lower with it. It was red, shiny, and pretty. I really, really wanted it, until Jesse reminded me it was everything wrong. Too new. Too big. Too wide. Too much power. Sigh. I almost pictured us riding around Laguna Beach. Well, me riding, and Jesse on the back. He wasn’t about this idea at all. Men.

The other shop is an Assitance League shop, and they've expanded, they used to be a lot more of a thrift shop, and now they’re leaning towards an antique/collectible shop. So, a lot more china and lamps. We were looking for a cabinet to go below our TV and hold cables, cable boxes, Wii, Dvd’s. I liked a glass door cabinet full of teacups, but it wasn’t for sale. Then Jesse eyeballed this one:

Initially, I only saw the back of it and it looked uneventful. It had heaps stacked on top and we had to pull it out. Then I saw the front. Water lillies? Birds?! Yes, please. It had an un-thrift store price of $140, so I talked the guy into $100 and I have the usual view of Jesse loading something in the back of the truck for my catalogues. Ha.

It’s really well made (Jesse tells me) and oh, so pretty. It holds everything beautifully, and its low profile makes it fit perfectly in the living room. Win.

Up at Dana point, Right above Capo Beach is a little park right on the cliff. There are benches, and for our entertainment, there were 3 people practicing rope walking.

Pretty awesome. I’ll add this to the List. Right now I can’t balance on large fallen tree trunks, but I am pretty hopeful. We hung out in the park, and on the cliffs, wondered how much trouble you’d get in if you mud slid your way down to the Pacific Coast Highway. There are some precariously positioned houses on the hill, one rain away from losing a backyard or a balcony. My aunt Diane lives down in Capo Beach below. It’s amazing that you can hear the waves so far up the hill almost as clear as you can at her house.

I thought briefly about going down to the beach and actually going in the water, but I remembered that it’s inevitably windy at water’s edge, and the water is pretty cold. One of these days, though, I’ll rock my 4mm wetsuit and go pretend surfing. (Where I pretend I know how to surf, get my ass handed to me a few times, swallow some sand, filter some water, entertain some fish, and go home wrecked, but feeling accomplished.)

And, the 'piece' looks fabulous in the living room. Jesse drilled a hole through the back, the wires are to be hidden there, all the boxes fit, DVD's, games. I'm so pleased!

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