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I try to do a night of ellipticalling with my friend. It is usually ruined by the following beers calorie-wise, but at least the heart rate goes up for a while. The elliptical is evil. I can treadmil walk/jog/jalk for a while but 2 minutes on elliptical make me want to cry. This must mean it's good for me, so I like the idea of having it done.

I am a member of 24 Hour Fitness, but it is more of a financial benefit to them than a physical one to me. Its easy once you get there. But getting there.. They used to have fantastic Ab/Leg/Body Classes, the first two 30 mins and Body a full hour. They used to be packed. They have discontinued them, and instead there's some silly 15 minute ab stint. I am unimpressed. Anyway, I like ellipticalling with a friend better - makes the time seem shorter if we babble away about purses, work, and people who irritate us.

I also 'dumpstered' some things I thought would promote activity.

Thighmaster. $1 Garage sale in Pacifica. I wasn’t even sure what it was, but now I keep it under the desk at work. I *think* it’s working. I do reps when I’m bored instead of walking down to the vending machine.

Boxing gloves. Garage sale in Costa Mesa. Right after the Rogers-Emelianenko MMA fight, I decided I want to box and wrestle. Really, I just want to occasionally punch things. I went out and got myself an Affliction TShirt at Nordstrom Rack, to feel extra tough, and I am on the lookout for a boxing bag on Craigslist. Just today I found these in someone’s garage.

$8 and I can punch Jesse and the couch. Jesse says it’s nice to get punched with gloves as opposed to my pointy knuckled fists, so it works out. They also had little pads one might wear on their hands to deflect and absorb hits. Whatever that’s called. I may go back for those.

I’m already good at wrestling. I’m wiry and hyper like that. And my complete disregard for ‘manly bits’ makes Jesse nervous enough so I usually win (he's the only person I've had the chance to wrestle, but I'm thinking about raiding school yards and taking on 8 year old bullies as I get better). I also aspire to go introduce myself to 24 Hours' kickboxing class. I doubt it's as gratifying as punching something, but may be I can pick up some moves so I look less like a swimming gerbil when I do it.

The very first acquisition was my Weight Vest. It is awesome. The day I decided I wanted to get serious about working out, a guy at work was talking about his weight vest. I looked it up online, and, of course, it was JUST the thing I needed. Implementing it into your workouts does good things for your strength, endurance, work out intensity, etc.

It just so happens a lady online was selling one. Not just a "weight vest" but a women specific V-Max weight vest. It was the 30lb version, and, of course, I thought I needed the 45-50 lbs version, but would settle, because she was selling it relatively cheap. She wanted $100, she took $50, and it retails for ~$200, nifty sweat liner included. I was excited! I started out with 12lbs. I am now up to 15. It'll be a while before I add another bar in there (comes with removable 2.5 lb weight bars). So, I probably settled well. I wear it ellipticalling, and for fast walks. The idea is to work up to just under 20% of your healthy body weight. It is probably burning calories on my behalf, as I type this, slumped against my living room wall, that's how awesome that thing is.

I just went onto their site to get a photo, and their current slogan is:

Overweight? Lose it fast! How?
Put on a V-Max™ and walk 20 to 30 minutes a day.


BSN Atro Phex Supplements. They are marketed as a mood/energy/weight management system. I call them my crack pills, and really like them.

I won’t ever work up to the cracked out max dosage of 3 pills 3 times a day, but if I take one around 3 o’clock at work, I am still motivated to do active things after work. Froggy, but not jumpy, if that makes any sense. I don’t take them all the time, just on the days I feel especially slow, nappy, and unmotivated. If I take one as late as 4, I can still go to sleep peacefully by 11. Win.

I am 5'6" and a slender build. A couple months ago EVERYTHING, including my sweat pants, stopped fitting, I weighed in at 147. Cutting out a lot of carbs, and occasional ellipticalling/gymming took me to the current 137, and I'm shooting to be between 125 - 135 lbs. I could be there a lot faster if I was less lazy and more strict with the diet.. But I'm not. Ha. :D

It's also probably really vain and shallow but I am waiting to drop another 5 lbs before I do another take on Nora, the Duct Tape Scarecrow #2

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