Want badly: Camping chair

Not just any chair. Alite Monarch Butterfly Chair.

Ever since Jesse and I both sat in my Crazy Creek on the beach on day, an inside pole snapped and it's only as good as a cushion now. I've been meaning to stalk upon another sale-d Crazy Creek.

Then, I saw this chair in REI, fell in love, and there's no going back. Sorry, Crazy C, We had good times, and I liked sitting low and close to campfires.. rolling you up and stuffing into my Camelbak on bike trips. And the beach.

Actually, I didn't even know what it was, and wasn't very interested while Jesse attacked the baggy, took out poles and asembled what looked like a really shady contraption. I was more interested in filling out my JetBoil collection, which happens to share the isle with chairs. When he assembled it, I wanted to sit in it, for sheer play - fall back, call it dumb, leave.

It was magical. It's a balancing deal, since the chair has 2 legs. Adding two human legs makes the four needed to maintain balance. But it's super effortless. I would know, I sat in it for a good 15 minutes in the middle of REI chair/camping cookware isle. You just kick your legs on front of you, and lean back.

I can picture it everywhere. Best of all! It stuffs little into a sack. The poles are aluminium and come undone. I want 4 of them for my living room, and 2 to keep in the truck. May be one for the office.

I looked online to find it cheaper than the $59.99 REI tag, no dice. Oh, but I want it bad..

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  1. Sad that your Crazy Creek broke - thank goodness it has a lifetime warranty and they replace them, then you don't have to balance all night long.