I can't live there, but I love Chicago

This was our 5th! trip to Chicago this year. I think that's a record for me since I've moved away. Luckily, Jesse likes to make the trip too, despite sweating like feverish frog all thoughout the flight. He shakes it off sometime after the landing.

Halloween was a perfect time to be in Chicago, all the fall colours and overcast weather. I want to paint every picture that wee took. (Reality - I will probably paint one, in a couple years.)
In an unrelated topic - I wonder if I could paint and open a shop on Etsy. Etsy is pretty new to me; it seems a lot of bloggers I like have a shop on there. I haven't been on there long enough to figure out exactly what it's about, or how it's done (i.e - how is it different from Ebay) but that might be an awesome hobby. I'll log it on the List. I like an opportunity to play with colours, and soon I will run out of wall space. Between awesome finds and my own (or, my own shamelessly copying somebody else) we are quickly running out of blank wall space. Or bright yellow wall space, depending on the location.

On Saturday, the guys were supposed to rake leaves. It looked fun enough.
I'd totally jump in some leaves, but it occurred to me, in order for my giant ass not to bottom out and straight tailbone it into asphalt, the pile would have to be much bigger than I care to rake, and forklift and whatnot.

I napped, during this time. The one thing about perpetually overcast weather, is it's conducive to napping. Perfect for bears, and whoever else sleeps away 4 months, not so much for people who are trying, TRYING to lose and get under 135 lbs. Unlike a bear I'd have to get up and snack. Fat reserves are cool, but sometime during day 3 I would need some pancakes and meat.

It was also my grandmother's 74th birthday. I love that she's here. She's so warm, and seems to know everything about everything. And her cooking is magical. That, and I am her favorite grandaughter. Well, favorite grand child, really. I know, it's a terrible thing to say with 5 grandchildren, but it's true. I'm oldest and spoil-est.

She is pretty disappointed with the state of most fruits and vegetables here (she grows her own in Ukraine), but she made some Pumpkin "Kasha", or Mush, loosely translated. It's pumpkin cooked with milk and rice. To my surprise, Jesse took a liking to it.
Either that or he was desperate for something to eat that wasn't "Fish Eyes", which is what he calls a Russian Meat-Jello type dish. I guess it's redeeming enough that I've got him on my 28 tea-times-a-day scedule, so I'm not too butthurt. Russian Meat Jello (Kholodets) involves boiling hooves, or some other bones, for hours on end, then taking hooves/bones/cartilage out, adding meat bits, and some herbs. After it sets in refrigerator it's just like Jello with Gummy Worms, but not sweet, and meaty. Unfortunately, no pictures of my grandma's, but Google turns up enough disturbing images.

On Sunday, I took Jesse to a fancy Russian restaurant, LaMirage. I hear they had ice in the urinals. I wonder if this is a fancy thing very common in elite circles, but compltely foreign to me, like 20 carat diamonds, bidets, and eating small meals. Either way, Jesse thought it was cool.

We waited for his favorite wrestler, but dude got sick, so instead we got trainers and other people of no interest to me, but, Jesse seemed to make most of it. I made the most out of 3 hot courses (Hello, duck!!), vodka, and desert platter. If I have to wake up at 6 the next morning for a flight, I may as well be bloated, hung over, and severely underslept. Makes it easier to deal with TSA - who, on a super bright note, let all my bags through, the one with toiletries INSIDE, and 10 bags of pastries (Prianiki- Jesse's crack), AND the one with a grapefruit, a pomegranate, a 3 day old banana (I don't know why, and yes, I'm ashamed), more toiletries, all liquid, and extra pointy sharp tweezers. Couple years ago I almost got tossed out of O'Hare for throwing a fit when they "confiscated" the make-up they deemed too "liquidy".. (Chanel foundation) and few mascaras. I think they've been making it up to me, ever since. As well they ought.

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