Seen Today - Random Prettyness and Price Ridiculous-ness

Jesse and I walked through an estate sale a few blocks away from my work, by the Newport Bay.

I've seen this particular company running sales before, and I'm not a fan. They have ridiculous prices for most part, and they bring in their own stuff from a gallery, or whatever they run, as well as random things from sales they've had in the past. The prices seem to stay constant, so I don't know how they ultimately get rid of stuff. It's fun to frolick about and stare at, anyway. We left our wallets behind, pre-emptively.

They ARE pretty thorough though. Used Plunger for $3 anyone?

I liked -

The Fishy Crystal Vase, and a Green 24K Gold Flower Teapot:

Jesse really liked the Book Painting:

There was also a Weird Chair, for some unthinkable price, like, $395:

The tag ventured to talk about the comfortable-ness, but I sat in it (my chair fixation and all), and it was most definately not at all. All lies.

Other uneventfull-ness included bedding with super elaborate description of the obvious - beige, and stuff they brought in I had seen at their other sales, paintings, teacups, etc. Yawn. Estate sale FAIL.

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