24 S.E.T. Class - Gym Part Trois

This class did me in. I can hardly move, still, two days later. Specifically, I can't not climb in or out of the truck, walk up the stairs (down is impossible), or sit down. Yes, that's right. I can't SIT. Every tiem I try, I have a flashback to walk-squatting like a herd of dumbell outfitted ducks across the gym floor, and cringe.

I don't know what happened. The abs are fine, but the legs and the ass are done for. I mean, I'd been walking, and using my thighmaster, and doing squats, with my weight vest even. And, all that, I am as sore as if I'd never, ever, used a muscle on my body.

What is more disturbing is the area and depth of soreness indicates a bigger problem. I think there's a good chance, if I keep up this workout I will fully develop giant, woolly mammoth thighs and ass. Did you see Ice Age? Yeah, like that view of them walking from behind. I can feel it.

The abs - hurt not at all - because - TADA! I have none. I knew this. My little potbelly is evidence. I thought, may be, there are muscles underneath. I was wrong. They had dissolved, or migrated straight to my behind.

This little problem is compounded by my decision to pursue yoga. More than anything, I was one too drinks too many into a night, and butthurt that every one but me can put their leg either behind, or very close to behind their head. It must be fixed. And my inner thighs, hamstrings, whathave yous are ALL paying the price.

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