No Poo!

Shampoo, that is. I read somewhere that a chick's husband cringed every time she started sentences with "I read online.." because it signaled a sacrifice of some sort coming, or relinquishing something he likes. Haaa. That must be how Jesse feels, to a degree, cause I start sentences like that a lot, and usually (but not always)* some sort of madness follows.

*"But not always" refers to that time I read about reusable toilet paper - Aka - you cut your old tshirts into rags, or upgrade to flannel when you get really good and fancy at it (or want to wipe poop, which I didn't), and then wipe your bits with fabric instead of paper, washing the fabric, and reusing. Not just no, hell no, said Jesse. Landfills and all, he was going to keep buying the softest Charmin available, and very little was going to stand in his way. Hmph. I guess, I also couldn't really get my mind wrapped around the whole process, so I'm saving it as a mental bookmark, for later in life, may be.

There was also the time I read about resuable sandwhich bags, and got cought up in the cuteness of it all - ziplock bags do NOT have monkeys and frogs on them! Veto, said Jesse, who said he doesn't want his bread stale.

I grew up in Russia, I don't even know what "stale" means. Bread is bread. Then it gets hard, and you make croutons out of it. "Stale" appears to be some sort of soft capitalist notion, where the bread is still soft, but one won't eat it, because it's not fresh enough. But, we don't eat enough sandwiches to make it a battle worth fighting, so, there it went.

The last thing that got shut down hard was my reading about 'menstrual sponges'. I was a little intrigued, and wanted to try it. Despite three girlfriends who suggested "it'll get lost inside", and Jesse, who said simply, that putting sponges places they don't belong might turn those places green and swollen shut. Seriously, he's so dramatic you'd think it was his peehole at stake with this sponge business. But, EW, and there went the sponge idea.

But, my failures as an eco-geek and Jesse's appalling softness aside, back to this shampoo thing. The premise is - modern chemical shampoos (particularly the sulfates things, which are present in engine dereasers and stuff) are too harsh, and using them 'trains' your scalp more oily. It's also not good for your skin - which, as the largest organ of your body absorbs all the chemicals. Not good, says the internet.

So, with the eventual goal being to just wash your hair with water, people do a variety of goofy things. Such as a baking soda wash, followed by an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse. (this is the most basic). There are additions of oils (jojoba), and things like yogurt, and egg yolks.

I read about the conditioner trap - where silicones smooth your hair but dry out - and went found myself a ridiculous bottle of conditioner at Whole Foods. At 10.99 a bottle it has no silicones, and things like oil (jojoba). Score. Some people do a 'conditioner only' rinse.

Anyway, even though Jesse has decided to stick to his 'pesky shampoo addiction' (Thanks, Heather!). I am pressing on, for a chemical free scalp. I have visions of shiny, soft hair that doesn't need to be washed for weeks at a time, and going back to Whole Foods to buy that fancy homemade soap, rolled in oats, and lavender twigs.

Day 1. I dissolved a tablespoon of baking soda in a cup of water, and scrubbed it into the hair (mid back length, and dyed a brilliant red). I rinsed with two tablespoons of ACV, dissolved in cup of water. I put a bit of the fancy conditioner on the tips.

Result: Dry hair the night of. It's clean, but dry. It's hard to comb. It feels almost straw like. I'm guessing it's the baking soda? Although, it does NOT smell like vinegar, so that's a plus. I had Jesse sniff test it, cause I'd hate for him to spend 8 hours a night sharing a bed with Head O'Vinegar.

This morning, it looks alright cleen wise, and feels normal. (Could the fancy conditioner be creeping up the hair shaft?) But I think it might be itchy? It could be a fantom itch, cause I have vivid flashack of rubbing baking soda into my scalp.. but still.

I guess the idea here is to not wash your hair for 3-4 days, then repeat. Apparently, before it gets great, it is to get worse. I don't know if I can handle worse. I do have to go to work, after all, and I don't know how to wear scarves in ways that make you look cute, and not like you've just finished cleaning your chicken coop.

Stand by..


  1. So ... you are skipping the chemicals in shampoo but still dying your hair? I think I may be confused ... Just sayin'.


  2. Haaaa.

    I know.. I didn't say I had a GOOD or a well thought out plan. But.. wanna keep it bright red. But it appears both soda and vinegar are gonna screw it up for me. But I want it bright red. But I wanna try this no shampoo thing. Oh! I know! Cause, eventually I won't need to use BS or vinegar? One bi montly dose of hairdye I'll just live with. After all, I never ever use a microwave oven, so I consider it a health hazard wash. :D