Gym Win, No Poo Fail

Few things to address today.

24Hr Yoga yesterday – awesome. Nice, beginner, explaining all the positions, none of which required to have your foot tucked behind your ear. Something to do with the beginning of the year. The 24 CORE class, was like the SET class that about did me in. It was like SET on crack. It never stopped. There was a lot of high speed step jumping while weight lifting. I was near delirious by the end of it, and didn’t even notice I was trickered into the following Abs class. Or may be I was just so excited to finally lay down on the floor, that I forgot to look at the clock.

No Poo Day 3. In case you weren’t aware, I read online, and thought it a good idea to try a no shampoo routine.
Well, I couldn’t NOT wash my hair after thrashing around the gym class floor for two hours, so I did a water only wash. After all, it’s called the No Shampoo Method. Not the “No Wash Method”. But since the hair has been feeling nice and straw like, I skipped the vinegar rinse, and instead did conditioner rinse for the ends.
Let me tell you, it is not clean today. I mean. It’s not filthy. But it ain’t clean. And I scrubbed, or ‘massaged’ in little circles, and everything. It looks a little cleaner than 3 days post wash normally would. But not by much.
I don’t have dandruff or anything, so that helps. But it has that.. faintly greasy feeling. You know, like if something washed it, but didn’t use shampoo.. It helps that I have bangs. Those seem to have washed well. So, the front of my face is nice and fluffy. ‘Fluffy’, is what the hair is doing. You might call it volume. I guess. I don’t.
In addition to this, I braided it today, and it looks like it might have to stay braided to avoid knots. It’s got a funny texture. If they made an Herbal Essences for my hair, it’d be “Fluffy, Dry, Super Prone to Knotty”. I’m pretty suspicious of it, actually. This morning, it seemed like while I was trying to brush one side of my head, the other side was carefully weaving itself into a doily. I should have cut the hair before this little experiment. But I can’t give up now. I will venture forth, for now.

I’m torn between keeping up this baking soda wash (which will actually clean) and doing a conditioner rise only. I feel like baking soda might win. May be baking soda AND conditioner rinse. Cause, I can only sport the Heidi hairstyle for so long. The only catch is the Super Duper Conditioner (Whole Foods, $11, small bottle) is silicone free. . Which, apparently means it’s not slippery (it’s really not). So, on the bright side – it washes out easily. On the down side – you know that nice, slippery feeling your hair gets after a good dose of Pantene? Yeah. Not so much.


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  2. this sounds like too much burden for hair... i'm vain about my hair, but gah.. shampoo every other day, or if im lazy, every 3 days is all im willing to do for it..