Gym Win (4x Week) and Hair Madness

We were at gym like losers on Friday night, so why not end it same way. I was really froggy in the afternoon, but after dinner and nap, only the thought that Heather will strangle me with her yoga mat Monday if I stand her up, got me off the couch. Thanks to J's 4th attempt at wake up call.

Elliptistupidness and twice around circuit training. That'll teach me to drink margaritas and eat Trader Joe Joe's by the pound.

In other news, it is time for my weekly hair washing.  Well, twice-a-weekly washing.  I'm thinking of skipping the vinegar rinse this time and the next.  I washed it last two times with some homemade soap from Bluebonnet Trails, and rinsed with vinegar.   First time I wasn't sure about the soap, so I only used a bit.  I didn't want to to spoil the grossnessfest by introducing something that might, *gasp* clean.  No, but really, I wanted to make sure I'm not regressing back to shampoo-like stuff.  But it didn't strip the hair, it didn't even dry out the hair as bad as baking soda.  Last Wednesday  I used plenty of soap (I missed suds) so I'm officially off baking soda and onto this soap thing.  Which will also allow me to finally colour my hair again.  The roots are ghastly. 

I still have the Super Fancy Whole Foods conditioner, but I haven't really used it much.  It's no Pantene, and as such, it seems useless.  I want to see what soap alone does.  The hair, as it is now is doing OK.  They grey crap that was in it seems to have fallen off, travelled down the hair shaft, or however else it disappears.  There's no longer mass amounts of it on my head, making me feel like a hobo.  I noticed the hair doesn't get greasy on the front as it normally would by day 3 post wash,  but it does in the back.  Kind of opposite of what it used to be.  Hopefully this back of the head business levels itself out.  Any day now, I can picture just washing my hair with water.  With water lillies and candles in the back ground.  It's a well developed dream.

Meanwhile, the soap thing is kind of neat, since I can use it for hair and body and de-clutter my shower.  It also is less likely to spill in my luggage, what with being a solid bar and all, or run amok all over my week's worth of clothing in my vehicle when camping.  I wonder what the cost difference is, but I don't have any of the necessary data to run comparisons.  I'm guessing it's probably cheaper.  If it ever gets too expensive, I guess I can cut down the bathing to once a week and ration the soap. 

Now I'm motivated to go raid the scary under the sink cabinet in the bathroom and toss some things out.  Like the foundation that I haven't used since high school, but can't quite part with, you know..


  1. I love my shampoo bar. Incredibly convenient for travel and it's plastic-free. Plus, I actually know what all of the ingredients are! It's so cheap, too - I think I spend $4.00 a year on my hair. The healthy hair is just the bonus :)

    Hope you have found the answer and can enjoy your candles and lilies dream soon!

  2. Gym - I think we may need to switch to the treadmill instead of eliptistupidmachinethingy. 29th Annual Corona Del Mar Scenic 5k might be calling our name. Maybe...

  3. MM - did you have the waxy hair deal? It is so bizarre. It seems to be literally traveling down my hair. It almost seems wet. And clumpy. But not greasy. It's pretty awful. But the top of my head is nice and clean. Just a nasty clumpy little ponytail. UGH.

    Rom - I can't believe you let a giraffe convince you to do marathons. You're soft. :D

  4. 1. It's not really a marathon. It's a 5K. It's like a marathon for babies.

    2. WTF is wrong with marathons anyway!? Sheesh.

    3. Glorious food at the finish line. Beautiful views. How could this go poorly!? Do it!!

  5. 1. Yeah, I'm pretty sure we can make whatever it is... like 3.1 miles. Might be slow, but we can make it.

    2. Oh no. FORGET marathons. Absolutely zero interest. Actually, if less than zero is possible, then that.

    3. I'm only in it for the t-shirt, but the food is a nice bonus.

  6. In it for a t-shirt?! Yeah. You're soft.