My Hair, You Ask?

Oh, it looks like crap. All status quo here.

No poo program FAIL, yet again. Monday was nice. I washed it Sunday, with some baking soda, then vinegar rinse. And it was beautiful Monday. Not too dry, full but not fluffy, not waxy, or oily. You know, all things you picture when you pretend you've a movie star. I was beginning to think it was working.

On Tuesday it was alright. Like, a B. It got heavy and waxy/oily on Wednesday. Not tragic, but greasy looking. I could have gone another day with a scarf, if I was feeling masochistic. There was more Gray Crap on my brush. So I washed it yesterday, with soda, and a pinch of salt (don't ask.. I don't know why.. someone online said it might be good). But skipped vinegar, and did the Super Duper Whole Foods Conditioner.


I mean, it's not as tragic as Head Full O'Crud, but it's dry. And not even fluffy. It's all stringy and sad looking. And would blend right into a hay bale.

I think I want fluffy back. At least, it was entertaining.

I'm using guerilla tactics, so I plan on not washing it till Sunday. It's going to be a weekend of ugly, I can tell. Should I not have skipped vinegar? Why is the most expensive conditioner I ever bought doing very very very little? How bad would it have been without the conditioner? So many questions. I think I know how to paritally fix it - next time, I'll use the olive oil I already have and buy 13.99 worth of beer to take into the shower. At the rate this experiment is going, I should just stalk my cabinet with margarita mix and find a bathroom plug for the blender. And sandwhiches.

I am guessing it's the baking soda that dries it out? I emailed Jill over at BlueBonnet Trails, she has some homemade soaps that I heard good things about (and which all cost less then my Whole Foods conditioner, not that I'm bitter or anything); I wanted to know if she will be making any natural, non chemical-ly shampoo bars. Apparently, she is working on some right now that will be action packed with awesome hair stuff. Some sort of clay, some sort of oil, no silicones, no sulfates, all ground up in her kitchen blender. (At least that's what I picture when you say homemade soap) They aren't out yet, though, so, meanwhile, she is sending me a bit of a citrusy soap she makes. She says it would be good for hair as well as body, though I can't remember what all she said was in it. (She might be lying, cause I was a little needy sounding, and I would send me anything just to shut me up, so, fingers crossed!)

I would like to break away from baking soda and vinegar, I think. Well, at least the baking soda part, before my hair just falls straight out. It's red and my carpets and upholstery are brown, it would be most inconvenient if I shed constantly. So, I want to try the shampoo bar route and see if it will clean as well as baking soda, but not dry it out as much. Consider this "breaking of resolve, part 1, a little onto week2". I'll give the baking soda one more try this weekend. But, how long can a chick run around with scabby hair?!

I have pretty low expectations, at this point, anything that cleans a little and doesn't make me bald will probably do. Here's to hoping the citrusy soap chunk will be as good to my hair as it is to other people's butts! (And legs, and hands and stuff). And, to me making it this week without getting a dramatically short haircut.


  1. I'm sure you are probably tired of my shampoo advice so I apologize in advance...but if you are willing to try shampoo bars, I can vouch for mine. I buy it locally now but used to order from Leafa - http://www.leafa.com/soapshop.htm - scroll down until you see the shampoo bar. I love it.

    And, it may just be me but I cam not able to switch back and forth - if I did conditioner, it would be like starting over again...at least in the beginning. One day last summer I was at the beach for a week and forgot to pack my shampoo bar and ended up using shampoo with no problem. Just needed time to let everything calm down, I guess.

    Good luck with the weekend of ugly - I hope your hair stops fighting you and gives in to being shiny and healthy again :)

  2. I am not tired of shampoo advice. I like shampoo advice. I troll internet regularly for shampoo advice. LoL Thank you, I had meant to ask you what you were using. Thank you for the link, I'll check it out.
    I can't wait to get my little soap chunk to try see what it does. The weird thing is - the conditioner - has nothing in it that would make hair act funny. It must, apparently. But it's all.. oil this, oil that. I'll try a vinegar rinse tonight and see if it fixes it.

  3. Baking soda and vinegar? Blech! I don't know what to tell you, 'cause my hair is highly textured and yours is not. And yer tryna get rid of oil, and I'm tryna make sure I don't strip it all out. I CAN tell you that my hair acts better when I do less to it. :) I've gotten rid of all the commercial products with the bad ingredients, and the only color I use is henna now.