It's Hump Day!

Here's a small list of things I am currently excited about:

It being hump day, and the fact that I haven't called in sick to work yet. Or at all in, like, MONTHS.

My best friend is coming out to visit from Chicago. We've been friends since high school, and lived together in college, and have matching tattoos even, with our initials. I miss her.

Everlast Shadow Boxing at 24HourFitness (aka Jump Rope Till You Pass Out, and Then Throw a Couple Punches as You're Going Down In a Blackout) was (3d time) awesome, and for the first time today I participated 95% of the class. I was at about 60% first time and 75% second time. I can't drop down in a flurry of pushups just yet, but I can do 4-5 while she's counting 10. Last couple times I rolled around on the ground or stood around and drank water during pushups, jump rope, and a variety of other things she needs you to do while acting like you're on speed. Progress!!!

It only took me 2 tries in one eye and 3 in the other to put in contact lenses, and I didn't have glasses fogging up and bouncing on my nose during all the jumping/hopping/boxing/push uping.  I don't wear contact lenses often, so it usually take me a half hour to wrestle them into my eyeballs, and then I look like i've been in a crying fit for the rest of the day.  More progress!

Giraffy and I are heading to Big Bear this weekend, where us SoCal-ers can see some REAL snow!! YIHAW. I've been looking for a sled on Craigslist and Goodwill, but not so much.

The pants we dumpstered for Giraffy's anklebiter#2 FIT her!!! $2.25 snowboard pants. WIN. I've enjoyed actually having something specific to look for while 'dumpstering', and it's prevented me from bringing crap home. ($2 Clothing items are addicting)

If we didn't end up going to Big Bear, some friends are going dirt biking in the hills (Also in snow!). I love having weekend fun options, doing cool things, and having awesome friends to do them with.  I am secretly hoping that we end up needing chains on the way to/from Big Bear, because giraffy delcared today she would not pay $30 for those road side men to put them on, and instead she will look up.  Youtube videos.  Of how to put chains.  On a vehicle.  With any luck and chain law in effect, I have some quality snowside entertainment coming.

While dropping off said pants, we got to partake in freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Jill at Bluebonnet Trails sent me some Shea Butter soap, and some Camommile Lavender Soap, and wicked good smelling wax tarts, and all just in time for my hair washing day (which is an exciting affair to beging with. Ever since this no 'poo experiment any time I get to wash my hair I'm happy like a mud puddle piglet)

Jesse downloaded "Keeping Up Appearances" for me,

and I am about to go watch a couple episodes and dissolve in a cup of tea..from my Royal Doulton with handpainted blue periwinkles.

(that last part only makes sense if you're also an avid Hyacinth Bucket fan) 


  1. WTH is dumpstering?? I've actually done actual real dumpster diving, but somehow, I can't picture you two doing that.

    Ok, clarify: I can picture YOU doing that, but not Giraffy! =P

  2. Why am I not the least but surprised that you are a Hyacinth Bucket lover? Oh yeah. Because I see a LOT of Hyacinth and Richard in you and Rom. I'm sure he'd agree. Heh.

  3. LoL

    Fats, up in NorCal, by my Dad is this awesome little antique/junk shop, called Debbie's Attic. It's like two rooms just filled to the top with fascinating stuff. My dad's 8 yr old daughter, Anasasia, is mortified every time we all stop by there, and she calls it "Debbie's Dumpster". So, any type of activity that includes an antique/thrift shopping is "dumsptering"

    Frosty - you need to find a bear. Clearly. <_<

  4. The chains are gonna be great. I'ma make them my bitch. You watch.

    (secretly, I'm pretty relieved that the Sports Chalet guy says he doubts we'll need them by this weekend!!)

  5. I have a bear. An Er Bear. You're jealous.

  6. ummmm Keeping Up Appearances is just about the best show ever. My mother in law is a perfect spitting image of an American version of Hyacinth....not only in looks but also mannerisms. My M-In-Law actually buys things at Kohls for like 80 percent off....and then peels the reduced stickers off...to leave the original price and then gives my Beth the item.
    The "Home Made Gooseberry Wine" episode is priceless...and any scene with Onslo in it is bound to be hilarious. Thanks for reminding me about the show.