Three Fast Food Fails

1. Quiznos chick in San Fernando considered me quizzically when I ordered the Black and Blue, a steak and gorgonzola cheese salad. Luckily, her counterpart knew what it was and guided the making of the salad. Phew. Tragedy averted. I hate when I get thwarted on long drives (SoCal-Norcal). Is it discontinued? And nobody rang me? No email. No, "last chance coupon"?

2. I ordered and fell in love with Apple cranberry.. Chicken.. Gorgonzola cheese ... Walnut Salad at Wendy's in Utah. I vowed to eat it whenever there is a Wendy's in sight (on long drives, when fast food is fair game). Not so much, said Wendy's in Newport Beach. And, they do not keep dried craberries and candied walnuts in stock, I guess, cause nobody offered to make me my salad. The manager offered that they are probably "rolling out new menu items". I guess the rolling starts on the east coast? It's a damn tragedy is what that is.

3. McDonalds is now charging for sauce? Butter my butt and call me a biscuit.

Listen. I was all types of on board when they stopped stocking barrels of ketchup packets out in the lobby. Even if it thwarts my camping condiment preparation (KFC has butter packets that go seriously well with mashed potatoes. Couple half and half creamers from a gas station, the liquid kind, and it's out of this world.).
But, I was supportive. Be good, be green, McDonalds, yay. But they have crossed the line.

Mr Snork orders his sad little sandwiches plain - no mayo, no tomato (which I hear got crop-screwed this year) - and with BBQ sauce. Which now costs extra. Seriously? Spring for a giant bottle, McD, and keep it chained to the counter.

I don't even know what they cost, cause we didn't get to that point - I traded in one of my Honey Mustards (as a 10 piece chicken nugget haver, I am rationed 2 sauces, per giant plastic sign) for a BBQ. You'll be relieved to know that half a container of Honey M is enough for 10 McNuggets, although I pluck off 90% of the batter, so it reduces the surface area. But price isn't the issue. It's Mr Snork ordering his sad little vegetable-less chicken sandwhich, on the 6th hour of our drive (when we've run out of word games, gossip, weekend recap, and taking turns googling stuff on our phones) and having to go into this whole "are you sure you want sauce, cause it costs extra" deal.

Ok, so now that I've typed it out may be it doesn't sound like a huge deal, but it's a 12 out of 10 on the annoying scale. Yeah, I want my sauce on his sad little sandwhich. I also want my 10c worth of tomato and .02c worth of Mayo refunded, thanks.

Speaking of stocking up on camping condiments, do you remember when KFC (in addition to the delicious butter packets) had honey packets? They went well with camp tea. Well, I noticed the other day that my chicken in puddle of honey tasted like crap - and - another dream shattered - it turns out the honey is now "Colonel's Honey Sauce". It's mostly High Fructose Corn Crap, with sugar, and more corn syrup, and coloring, that at one point laid next to a jar of honey before getting shipped out. You have made me sad, Colonel. I want the honey back. With little bees on packets and everything.

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  1. Just thinking about this again makes me want to be violent. :D