5k Badassery

Giraffy and I did 3 miles last night, on the official June Corona Del Mar 5k course (hills and all).  Our time was 3 minutes better than last time.  Ha.  So was our moving average. 

Last year, giraffy and I used to do .5 mile on the elliptical and collapse into a hot tub with a beer, completely worn out, saying unflattering things about ellipticals, treadmills, and their relatives.  We also did pretty slow and leaisurely walks on the peninsula, followed by a local serving establishment.  I don't recall breaking much of a sweat ever.  Except the one time, when we walked in the sand - then the sweating freaked us out and we immediately turned back, having only gone may be 1/4 mile past the beer. 

We stepped it up with gym visits this year,  and a really modified, relaxed 'Couch to 5K' program.  Walk 90 seconds, run 30, swear a little while walking 90 seconds, rinse, repeat. 

Now we meet to run practice 5k's.  I'm so pleased and proud of us.  Gym buddy system WIN!  Yesterday we alternated walking and running a block.  I think next week we'll try alternating running 2 blocks, walking one.  I'll spring it on Giraffy and see how it pans out.  Ha. 

The significant others took off in a flurry of heels, and Mr Snork was last seen with a vicious calf/hamstring cramp combination (two different legs), and talking about Mr Giraffy "bouncing like Tigger".   Haaa. 


  1. Dude.

    We are SUCH rockstars. Such incredbile bad ASS rockstars.

  2. You two rock. Seriously amazing!!