Sometimes they start out OK:

And then it all goes wrong.  Like when you use your new (but old)  cast iron pan, but it's not really seasoned, but you think it'll be ok, cause you put some oil on it:

May be if I covered them in enough powdered sugar? 

Nope.  They're pretty messed up. 

And they defiled my 'new vintage' pan:

Not to mention Jesse's laughter and taunting, because the whole reason I wanted the 'old new' pan, was because I claimed it would stick less than my existing Lodge, which has been known to produce perfectly spherical pancakes.  
Take 2, after coating pan in oil head to toe and heating in oven for a few hours.  4 hours at 400'F produced a nice hard coat, not sticky.  Upped the butter content as well.

Ha!!  (Going conservative this time, in case it goes poorly again). 

And a 3/4 turn..

And, spherical pancakes!!

A whole pan of them, even:

Never mind the batter bits, those aren't stuck and will come right off, I got a little ladle happy. 

They are supposed to be coated with powdered sugar, but Jesse has a nasty Orange Crush + Reese's Peanut Butter cups habit he can't seem to break, and he's therefore denied sugar in the house. 

Jesse likes the ones that aren't fully closed, he stuffs them with lingonberry preserves.  I like to inject mine with whipped cream.  They're kind of like pancakes, but lighter, and airy-er.  Success!!!


  1. I NEED one of those pans. Those pancake "balls" look amazing!!!

  2. Just for that I think I need to go to the store... buy Orange Crush (12-pack), a bag of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, and a couple boxes of powdered sugar. :P

  3. :D If you live somewhere around SoCal, I hear I got an extra aebleskiver pan! Otherwise, they're on Amazon and sometimes they're called egg poaching pans. :D