Snifters and Centerpieces

Sometime last week, the Salvation Army I stalk by my work turned up a set of 8 of these snifter looking things.

They could be goblets but I like saying snifter. They had Crate and Barrel stickies, but when I searched with Crate and Barrel, this line (handcrafted recycled glass awesomeness) doesn’t have snifters. May be old? May be not Crate and Barrel? They have margarita glasses, tumblers, a pitcher and goblets that match. But no snifters. Well.  They DO have the snifters in a green color:

They call it Summer Drink Glass, but I really do like the word Snifter. Mr Snork's dismay (they are kind of giant for drinking vessels) I brought them home. I bargained a little, because it’s not my fault it wasn’t a Bric-a-Brac sale day, and Jesse was already shaking his head, not as much at the $2.75/ea price tags, as much as at the thought of housing the fishbowls in our cupboards. $14 took them home ($1.75 ea).  Pricy!

My thought was – to use them as centerpiece thingy for the upcoming reception Party. Fill them with pebbles and seashells and float a candle on top? Little bunches of flowers?  Googling "snifter centerpiece" turned up these:

I KNEW I should have gotten the adjacent floating candles that day.  Sigh.  Jesse's vehemently opposed to the idea of live goldfish, tiny frogs, or little mice livening up my 'centerpieces', so I have to dream in confines of his restricted imagination.  Sigh.  Lizards would also be cool.  How often can you dine and watch a tiny lizard twirl in a snifter? Like, once in your lifetime, right? 

I also like the more traditional idea of stuffing them with flowers and/or enjoying margaritas from them meanwhile, before and after the Party. Jesse’s hoping they get taken by guests after the party or accidentally broken. We’re often on different pages like that. 

I wrapped them and set them aside for now, keeping out a couple out to 'practice flower arranging'.  Or lizard taming, if I win that battle.  I have read up onine that you can make the flowers the day before and store in refrigerator, which I have.  Win.   All that's left is a trip to Trader Joe's/Farmer's Market and a set of large scissors to cut the bouquets snifter-short.   

Snifter.  Snifter.  Snifter.  There, I'm done now..


  1. I think the lizzards will object mroe strongly than I will... but I still object. ;)

  2. Rom's gonna hate me, but I think goldfish would be super rad.

  3. Ahem.

    I totally did the floating candle in the snifter center pieces at my reception.

    I dig the lizard idea, though.

  4. I read your title and thought, "Snifter. Snifter snifter snifter." Just sounded cool - great minds think alike ;)

    I vote frogs!

  5. Teehee. Gold fish ARE rad.

    Giraffy, I thinks you need to acquaint me with your wedding pictures, thanks - Snork.

    Snifter. Snifter. Sniftersnifter. :D