Gateway Fabrics and Misc Salvation Army Weaknesses.

Firstly, and most importantly, Giraffy and I ran/walked our 3 miles yesterday, with a quicker pace. Because we're rockstars.

Prior to that, Future Mr Snork and I dropped into the S-Boutique, having made a 'do not buy anything' pact in the parking lot. Because we must be stopped. Or I must up my Ebay-ing.

It doesn't help that we've made friends there, and my haggling is well received and successful. So, pact and all, for a grand damage total of $16:

- Jesse's green suit jacket. It appears it is unworn, cause that's how Jesse likes them. By Oscar De La Renta. At 6.99, it was the most expensive item. He's not very good at the haggling thing. Sucker.

- Body shop wax/oil melter/sniffy thingy. I used to have one, and it broke, and I have had wax tarts from BlueBonnet Trails for a while now, with no melter. .34c.

- A new roll of white sparkly swirly ribbon. I wrap presents with these and do not enjoy paying $2.49 or $3.99 or whatever. So, I stock up when I can. I'm particular to new rolls though. .34c

- Snakeskin print jersey type fabric. I see a tank top in my future. Or a tube top, scrunched up.

I was torn about this fabric, on one hand it's really bright and obnoxious, and on the other, it's kinda beautiful. I ended up getting it, figuring I'll make a garment bag out of it or something if it overwhelms me. When I got home and looked up Alexander Henry fabrics, I felt a little faint:

I want to wrap myself in

Nay.  I want to wrap myself in it, and upholster all my furniture in it (comes with white and blue backgrounds also).   I don't think my life will be same until I get some. I need to find his stuff on clearance somewhere though, he's not a cheap dude.  He is, however, awesome, and his other fabric is just as exquisite.  I'm hoping someone will dump a load of it into a local S-Boutique, where I can pick it up for $1.50.  It can happen again, right? 

S-Boutique is cheap, but sometimes it leads to expensive habits.  They should put that on their daily sale signs.   Yesterday afternoon I had no idea about bright birds and Alexander Henry, and it would have probably been cheaper to keep it that way. 

Also, and just because they happenned to be behind counter when I checked out, and I'm weak like that - not one, but two clutch purses. Sigh. The Boutique chick practilly threw them at me.

The white Philippe purse has a cool open/close hinged thingy. And I really don't have a white purse yet. I found a red version on Ebay I also kind of want, but can probably do without.

The other one is a brown leather clutch of unknown origin. "ML" on the zipper chain? But soft. And pretty. And also $2.75.   I've been meaning to become the kind of person who changes purses daily, instead of toting around a Giant Soccer Mom Purse of The Month monstrosity everywhere.  (Must fit thermos, camera, snacks, an occasional sandwich, etc..).  Perhaps now is the time?  

Things that I wanted but didn't get (Jesse dug his heels in):

Pine tree candle holders.  With cute tiny little stars.  He's lucky X-mas is far away and I have months and months of scheming.   

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  1. I agree with Jesse on the pine tree candle holders. Love the purses, though.