We're engaged!

Well, it's kinda old news.  We've been knee deep in wedding planning, which consists mostly of trying on dresses in thrift shops.  But, the last couple weekends we talked to a priest, went to a church, and looked around town for a coastal strip to have our 'party' at.  The 'beach reception disaster' will be discussed separately.  I think I have it typed up, but it's a little angry sounding, and probably needs an edit for profanity before going public.  Ha.

Also, I decided that instead of calling and emailing people, I will actually send out invitations.  Mostly because I thought it'd be fun to glue gun tons of glitter to cardstock and write things I consider to be witty.  I'm thinking custom tailored invites, talking about whether or not to bring your children, your liquior limit, topics one is not allowed to discuss at the table, and people one is not to pursue mingling with.  All this in glitter pens, and I'm thinking of recruiting underage help with cutting out appliques and various other merry nonsense. 

As a crowning jewel to these invites, I thought we'd take some pictures (because who doesn't want to see more of us?) and make these picture invites. 
I asked my dad and stepmom to take some pictures of us in some pretty spot in Norcal, where we headed this weekend. 

It must be said, that the main motivator for these pictures is a dress I got at Mainplace Christian Thrift.  It is a David's Bridal awesome chocolate brown bridesmaid gown.  Why I was trying on bridesmaids gowns is not really clear, they must have had a poor wedding dress selection.  Anyway, this dress was $9.  How could you not?  It has pick ups, and everything. 

Jesse offered that it is crazy to buy bridesmaids gowns, and I countered that he ought find a place to take me in one.  Well, since he has so far failed to find me a ball invitation, I came up with the brilliant plan to use to for our "engagement/invitation" photos.  And, since it was $9, I can take it to the beach and not have a heart attack if it gets wet or muddy.   Next up, Jesse was sent out to find an equally brilliant, but disposable if need be pair of slacks and a shirt.  I voted pink, citrus green, or lavender, and he got an off white that he claims is green.  He's adventurous like that.  Ha.

Crocs, check. Rubber ducky under-layer, check. Into the fog we go.

There's a really pretty beach in Pacifica, 10 minutes down the coast from my dad's house.

Few minutes after we got there, we got shooed away most ungracefully by the park rangers.  Tsunami warning all across Pacific.  All beaches closed.  Pack up your crocs and keep moving. 

We got some pictures though. I picked this weekend, even though there was a rain forecast. I like the rain and overcast days, and I think they're especially neat along the beaches. Water meets water kind of thing. Unfortunately, earlier today an 8.8 eathquake struck in Chile, hence the tsunami warning. The seas were very rough and angry looking, but also very beautiful.

We headed up to Half Moon Bay, figuring that higher cliff grounds were probably safe. 


Some cropping might be required to get rid of the beer bottle in the corner.  Clearly, somebody else also thought this was an awesome party spot.  By the way, it is supposed to be haunted by the Blue Lady of Moss Beach Distillery, whose parking lot we invaded for these photos. 

Also present were my sisters, both of which were a little terrified that somebody they know might see them, but secretly had fun anyway. 

On the way back to the car, we found this Alice in Wonderland type clearing.  It was practically waiting to get frolicked in, even if the children told me the grass was a good indicator of both bugs AND snakes.   Later, we decided the weather was far too crappy for snakes to come out, so that was nice.

The day really wouldn't be complete without finding a tree to climb on, and there it was, conventiently fallen, to avoid any photo inappropriate dress tree scaling.  Practically waiting to be climbed. 

The whole time, the rain would pick up on and off softly.  It could have also been the drops from trees when the breeze came through.  Or possibly squirrel pee?  If the latter, its probably good for the hair. 

My dad and my stepmom did such an awesome job, Jesse and I were really excited when we came home and looked through the (over 300) pictures, and we had a lot of fun.  I was going to spend the rest of the day in my awesome dress, but the good news is, since we got kicked off the beach early and proper, it didn't get very muddy or wet.  (If you don't count the rain/squirrel pee).  It's been at least $9 worth of fun, but it's likely to make other appearances.

Speaking of crocs, my stepmom thought we should mail this to their markting department and see if they can work with it:

Anyway, don't ever let your boyfriend tell you don't n e e d a birdesmaids/prom gown. 

The W-party is scheduled for either May 21st, Septemer 10th, or October 15th.  We're narrowing it down, and it's tied with money, my best friend's school schedule and tide times.  (Not because we're superstitious, but because we have a semi-concocted plan for a beach reception, and the proposed location on the beach might not be existent if the tides are not taken into account)  May 21 was my first pick, but that's coming right up, isn't it..

In a completely unrelated story:

It is full moon tonight.  Does it make you sleep funny?  Is it true that staring at it makes you act/think funny? 


  1. Oh my goodness - your pictures are beautiful! The dress is stunning - and for only $9?!?!

    The whole time I'm looking at the pics, I'm thinking, "How can he pretend that shirt is green?" and laughing...but the picture of your hands, the cuff definitely looks green. I may have to side with him on this one :)

    How are you possibly going to choose a picture??

  2. Congrats! :)

    The beer bottle pic is my favorite!

    I personally vote for the unedited version of your pending reception blog ;)

  3. Awesome. I'm having a hard time deciding whether I love the first beach pic or the up-in-the-tree pic the best.

  4. I keep looking at the pictures... and you keep getting prettier.

    And, the shirt is DEFINITELY Green. :P

  5. That shirt? Is NOT green. You seem confused.

    Oh, but you know what woulda been LOVELY!? Pink!