I'll Show You Pictures If You Promise You Won't Run. a.k.a Hair Update Week 6

Well, it looks OK to the casual onlooker. It even looks OK upon closer inspection, as I often do, since I am paranoid that people will mistake me for a homeless, showerless woman. But the waxy shit was really getting to me, and I couldn't tell if it was working its way down or not. Either way, it wasn't doing it fast enough.

I sent Jesse for a Boar Bristle Brush (BBB hereafter), since I read it helps, and I can't realistically keep up the waxy stuff very much longer, or if I expect to be well received socially. Even though it doesn't LOOK like there's crap in it, it looks liek something went wrong. And, I'm afraid of developing a nervous tick every time someone looks at my hair. So. BBB.

I washed it Sunday, with the cammomile lavender bar, dried it, and some time on monday I took the brush to it. If you are a gentle creature, fast forward through pictures.

BBB in the beginning:

BBB after 3 stroke. (3):

BBB after a hair brushing:

Are you still here?  I know, the world was probably not ready for the pictures, but I keep reading about no poo experimenteres babbling about grey waxy stuff in their hair, but nobody has posted a picture to really drive the point home.   I know, it looks like dust.  It isn't.  It also isn't dandruff.  It's this crap, that coats my hair really finely, and when I brush it, it comes off in tiny, dust particle looking flakes. 

Then I spend an hour washing the brush.  It's not really fair to the boars, so I'll try to keep this one going instead of throwing it in the trash on impluse. 

Anyway.  Having washed my hair again Wednesday night (bar again, no rinses), it appears there is less of grey shit on the brush.  Which isn't the same as it being gone, but it's better.  Much better, one would say, if they saw the first brushing.  I'll give this approach a couple more tries over this week (7th week), and see if it almost disappears.  If I find it regenerates itself, I'm going to think up an entirely new experiment, during my drive to Tarje for some Suave. 

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  1. If I start finding grey cruddy stuff in my hair, I'm gonna have to run back to sulfates.