No Poo Hair Madness, Week 8. B+

Last week was full of puppies, rainbows, kisses and stickers, as far as the hair went. I washed it the one time Sunday, combed the Lavender Bar through it, and combed it when it was damp. Apparently, the combing was a revolutionary event in this saga. The grey crap disappeared somewhere, and my hair was soft, wonderful, and ready for a Lifetime channel special.

It kept it up pretty well, and the top got faintly greasy by Wednesday night, when I took this picture, all delirious with non waxy joy:

I even had a nice little ponytail going, it wasn't all stiff, clumpy, and tragic looking:

All this reminds me of a Russian saying -  How do you make someone feel good?  You make them feel really bad for a while, and then stop. 
I washed it Thursday, again, with the Camomile Lavender Bar, and it was magical, and I washed it Sunday. This time I didn’t comb the suds through the hair length, because I heard it’s not good to comb wet hair, it’s brittle at its soggy stage, and, infinitely more important, I’m lazy, and I will not have myself in a situation where I must comb stuff through my hair diligently. If I had that kind of patience and determination, I would be curling iron-ing myself into a Beyonce look alike every morning.  If the No Poo thing meant I'd have to wet comb my hair, I might have to jump ship. 

It’s OK. There’s not a whole lot of grey crap in it, but it’s not quite as shiny and lively as it was last week. It just sort of hangs there. But, wax free, so I ain’t complaining.  It's just nothing to write songs or make glittery stickers about.  I’m thinking I can now introduce the vinegar rinse back into the equation.

I wonder, though, if the combing suds through is what got rid of the waxy crap, and now it is slowly accumulating back? I will have a fit.

Meanwhile, I think I should run and get a haircut while it’s behaving. I have delayed the cutting and the hair coloring until I came up with some sort of consistent routine, and a consistent, ‘non homeless’ look.

I also have my reservations about showing up to my hair guy, with a bar of soap, and telling him what’s up. It’s a fancy Newport Beach place, where they wade knee deep in Kerasta.. that expensive, nice smelling fancy crap I can’t quite spell. Among others.

It was completely out of question the 5-7 weeks my hair was covered in Hair Wax Play Doh, but now, I almost feel like I can confidently thrust the Lavender bar at him, and say, “No, no,.. no Aveda for me, and nothing too sudsy. I really want you to rub this here bar all over my head, and skip the conditioner. If you *really* want to, I got some vinegar water in this here decoy Sprite bottle. Don’t worry, the smell will go away. ”

I am guessing he’ll schedule all my subsequent appointments in very low traffic hours.

Meanwhile, I got a comment from Queen of 50c, an awesome thrifting blog I found while link surfing,  And, not only do we share the same garage sale jurisdiction, we are both doing it shampoo-less, and her hair has yet to fall out.  Every little encourgement matters. 


  1. You actually have seborrheic dermatitis. Get Tea Tree Oil. It will get rid of the grey crap permanently. When you pour your shampoo into your hand add a little bit of the Tea Tree Oil with it. A little goes a long way so start off with only a tiny bit at first. This stuff will give you serious results. It can sometimes dry your hair out while you are using it so if that happens use a little vitamin E oil to recapture the moisture. I guarantee you the Tea Tree Oil will take care of your problem. It will take a couple of weeks but it works 100%.

  2. Anon, thank for the comment! I don't have seborrheic dematitus [dandruff]. It affects the skin, and my scalp is actually in really good shape. Mostly it's clean and sparkly, sometimes it is faintly greasy. Some days it's been really waxy. But I get no skin flakes, and no dandruff, and most days, it is pretty well behaved, and is the best part of the whole hair thing. The waxy problem seems to develop and stay 3-4 inches away form my roots for the most part, and is confined to the hair shaft. Well, and my comb/brush.. Gr.
    It almost seems like all the scrubbing I do, clears it up on top, but just doesn't wash it off entirely, off the whole hair shaft.
    I appreciate your help, though!

  3. I've considered going "no Poo" and even wrote a post about it. I thinky our hair looks good in this photo!