I think I will

Jesse and I met in person exactly one year ago, on a Friday. We went out to a movie and drinks, we had dinner on Saturday, and on Sunday, before he left for Northern California where he lived, he asked me to be his girlfriend, during dinner at a tiny sushi restaurant by my house.

Today, we went to the same sushi restaurant for dinner, and then to the beach. It was just warm enough, and the new moon lit up the waves pretty, and he asked me to marry him.

I adore him. And said yes. :D

He is a sneaky critter and had been toting the ring around with him everywhere we went. Just in case, we ended up in a perfect spot earlier. I'm excited!!


  1. Hey Snork Maiden - Thanks for reading Thrift Store Mama. Just FYI, being married is awesome and gets even better as it goes along !