I got a bid!

I have finally got around to addressing the List as it relates to "Sell Something on Ebay". I put up some spare chandelier arms, having seen some listings sell. I got a bid on day 1!

9 days to go, and my house will be 5 chandelier arms emptier (win). Plus, it's about time I started unloading somewhere other than Goodwill, who's getting tired of my old clothes.
The whole Ebay thing is prety confusing, and I didn't even set the price. It did it for me, at $0.99. Ha.

Looks like Ebay charges me $0.55. I see that I am eligible to have this and 4 other listings within 30 days free, but how to do that, I can not figure out. Hmph.

Nonetheless, I'm all types of excited!

Speaking of clothes, I am tempted to try and sell some pretty skirts I got, but a search for "Ann Taylor silk skirt" yielded 236 results. All pretty cheap, and MAY BE 1-2 bids. I'm going to watch a few to see if they go in last minutes, and if so, I'll throw mine on there.

I haven't figured out how one might make any money selling small things, but it's kind of fun, and it looks like at the very least the shipping is covered.

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