A Good Day at the Goodwill.

I recently sold on Ebay few skirts I really like but were sizes 2. Today, at a Goodwill by my work, where Jesse graciously lets me spend lunch sometimes, I found:

Ann Taylor Loft skirt, white with yellow flower awesomeness, size 6.
Also, not pictured, is Gap black silk skirt, size 4. It's pretty awesome as well.

A child’s wetsuit. We don’t have a child. But we have children visiting, and this past weekend, we tried to put an 8 year old into my wetsuit. No good. It was $2, and Jesse voted yes. We already have 4 wetsuits. I spent near $400 on my super duper, may as well be fur lined 4mm neoprene awesomeness, so $2 seemed like an awesome deal. It’s a size 6, and I can’t wait for Marissa and/or Anastasia to try it on!

A Dean Koontz book I don’t already have. I have a bit of a collection going, thanks to Jesse’s diligent checking of the book shelves.

There were also things I didn’t get to have. Like, the Z Gallery crystal candleholders. They are a little too over the top for me, but I wanted them a little as I saw someone else check out with them.

There was also this oil lamp. I mean, yes, it’s a little ugly, and sort of looks like they're sort of set in a pile of poop. But, I could just feel working with Sculpey clay, and baking a new base for it. Lillies, may be? And it would be awesome. But Jesse reminded me that I have a couple years worth of low priority projects like that one. Like, umm, those Danish Modern Tables I’m supposed to refinish? Or, may be, the sunflowers I was going to paint.. Or, the dress with the giant pockets that I cut out, but have yet to sew. Sigh. No Sculpey for me.

Or this teapot. I kinda like it. But I like how my old ugly cast iron one keeps tea warm throughout the evening. It's a hard, picking between practical and pretty..

And then. There was. This chair. If I had a lair.. This is exactly the kind of chair I would see my guests in. Missing a troll to fan my feet and someone to feed me peeled grapes.. Off white velvet looking deal with flowers. Jesse gets really nervous when I gawk at things like this, because he can never figure out if I'm genuinely appalled that somebody at some point in life actually had this. Inside. Their. Home. Or if if I'm trying to figure out if I have any use/space for it.

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