Curtain Tiebacks

A really easy, almost instant gratification project. I have brown fabric to make a border for my living room curtains. I have been lagging on that, since it would require to take the curtains down and do some hand stitching. I also got enough fabric to make some throw pillows and curtain tiebacks.

The brown goes well with the green AND the pink AND the yellow. Score.

Two yard strips of 10" fabric, some interfacing, couple short pieces of gold cord and a couple of loop shaped hook deals you see on bras (but bigger).

Not really much in the way of construction: I sewed a tube, slipped the cord in and stitched one end close.

In retrospect, the cord is a nice touch, but you never see it. Another little hook or a ring stitched to the surface would have been fine.

After turning them right side out, I pressed, stitched the other end closed and hand stitched the little loop hook to the inside. I like the 'floating' look, but I think if I do it again, I will go with some brass rings to attach the the ends.

And the finished product:

The Christmas tree is actually what prompted this project in the first place. I didn't want the semi-finished curtains to hang all funny looking about the tree. Now, if only I got around to hemming the Green Fluff, seen pinned up pitifully behind the tree.. Otherwise, I'm pretty pleased. Top brown border still to come.

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