Pacifica, the Fog, and Debbie's Attic

Jesse and I occasionally spend weekends up in Northern California. We both have family up there, and Jesse used to live in Brentwood (village, middle of nowhere).

This weekend it was my father's birthday, and I had spent both Thursday and Friday wrapped up in so much sicklyness, that I wanted a nice relaxing weekend out.

We stay with my father, they live over the hill from Rockaway Beach in Pacifica. I like it there, it gives us a nice break from constant SoCal sunshine, and right now, the heat.

Home of the Fog Fest:

Their house is filled with artwork and neat things, there's a forest of eucalyptus right outside, children pick rosemary and mint in the garden outside, it reminds me a little of a Ukrainian village. It's not over populated, there are hills clean of houses, and you can walk to get anything you need. Sometimes we go into San Fransisco, and to the Russian Orthodox church on Geary St, or to the kids' ballet perfomance, or to shop for Russian grocieries.

This time we just relaxed and wandered around town. On Saturday, we hit Debbie’s. Debbie's Attic is an antique/thrift/junk shop that has become affectionatelly dubbed Debbie's Dumpster and we visit it when we're there, along with couple other shops on the street where everyone knows my family. From Debbie's Dumpster came the word 'dumpstering', which is what kids called any activity that didn't involve buying nice new shiny stuff at Ikea, ie yard sales, antique/junk shops, etc.

This time we weren't just looking, Debbie's still (hopefully) had the Giant Frame I want to frame my TV in on the Bright Yellow Wall. We were there with purpose, especially since I had called ahead to check measurements, negotiate price ($75) and sent Linda (stepmom) to measure it and take pictures. While I was sniffing around the frame for chips, cracks, and any unpleasant odors associated with other people's dead skin, the price got dropped even further, so we finally loaded it in the truck.

Aaron Brothers wanted $550-720 for a frame, Debbie wanted $50.

The Next Coolest Thing to a Giant Frame:
For 10c, it is all mine, and I am planning my choice of fabric. Sadly, PatternReview.com had no record of 9777, so I'll be a pioneer of sorts.

An Awesome Chandelier That I Would Totally Buy If it Wasn't $350. (And if Jesse let me) (and if I had room for one)
It's not Jesse's day though, cause my stepmom gifted us a chandelier before we left. HA. It needs crystals and parts, and for me to figure out how it is assembled. It'll be a whole project!

There's also a dress form I've been stalking there. I'm making progress, it was not for sale the the previous two times I asked, but now they've taken my phone number "in case they want to get rid of it". Yes, I know, they promptly threw out my number, but it's progress regardless. I will call weekly to check up.

We drove around to the only Starbucks, the other little shops and even a yard sale, where there was a 24 x 48 (standard canvas size!) painting/frame - I'm always more interested in frames to frame stuff I paint/copy/paint. Anyway. It was $1. How do you walk away from that?

The One Dollar Frame That Couln't Be Left Behind:
The painting is kinda cute too. For now, it is gracing our garage.

We all also walked to Rockaway Beach and hung about Rockaway Antiques and the beach at sunset. I wanted nothing to do with the walking part of the hill walking, but it was a good way to work off the plate of cheese I had eated for lunch. (Sliced Mozzarella, Thinly sliced lemons, Olive oil, Mint leaves. Be careful)

I really do love living in CA:

We had dinner and tea outside with the chimenea running, and I briefly contemplated going out into the forest to stalk deer. I settled for a chimenea/paper ball competition where Jesse taught children obnoxious behaviour and Trash Talking 101. It was ugly. But it reminded me of my graceless winning by cheating at Scrabble (obnoxious gloating thrown in always, free of charge) and why he's perfect for me.

We were froggy about getting an early start next day and almost succeeded, at 4pm.

A yard sale in the middle of nowhere? I think I will! Turn Around!!!

I did really well this weekend not adding to my Collection of Random Things I Could Really Do Without, and here it all went wrong. Who knew? They had tractors parked in the front yard! Tractors!

They also had a pair of incredibly dusty, mid century modern tables. I asked how much they were, AS A JOKE. Anyway...

...$8 How could you not?

(The wood logs are in case I'm ever stranded and need a stool, a table, or a campfire. These things happen!)
Yes.. yes, I'm very ashamed of myself. We ALMOST made it home with no "pieces". I think Jesse and I have a $10 threshhold problem. Seriously, you could probably sell me an extra appendix, as long as its under 10 bucks. I need therapy.
But, BUT! I really do not intend to keep these. Mostly because I don't like the way they look (except that they match perfectly my chairs) But also because (Jesse tells me) there's really no room for end tables of this sort anywhere in our place

I just got super excited about breaking out the strippers, stains, varnishes, etc, and playing with these to refinish them. I figured at $4 dollars a piece I could afford to play with them, and it looks like I can throw them up on Craigslist or Ebay thereafter. I hear some crazy people do their whole houses in this pointy-legged Danish theme.


  1. I REALLY love those patterns. REALLY. After you figure out how to make stuff, hook me up, wouldya?

    The tables are uber cute. I like the Danish modern pointy legged 70's varnish look. *shrug*

    I bet baby woulda loved that little car behind the tables, though.

  2. Nice sunset/ocean pictures! You're kinda artsy...