Hello Bacteria.

a.k.a. Do You Know What Costs $96 and comes in a tiny stupid little bottle?

Cipro, the liquid suspension. True story.

Don't let the picture size fool you, it's 2" bottle.

Apparently, diluting it to .3% and swishing around with some HCl raises its value. Neither Cipro (the antibiotic used for anthrax) nor HydroChloride-anything seem like things that ought be around eyeballs, and it stings accordingly.

Then came a raging bladder infection. (Can you even type that in public?) I drank my weight in cranberry juice and blueberries, then resigned and got more Cipro. This one in nice horse tranquilizer sized pills.

All this came crowned with a cold type deal, and possibly stomach issues as it's rebelling about the amounts of cranberry juice (one botle - 1140 calories!!!)

So, I'm sulking, dissolving in a puddle of snot, eye goo, and tea and chewing on some herbal supplement type deals. I think they work. My mom got them a while ago at Whole Foods, (Osccilocotum? Really questionable spelling there) I'm toying with getting more, but it's $17 a box, and taken every 3 hours, and I have no proof that they'll keep working once I stop taking them. It might be cheaper to cycle a full blown cold. More perks too, I think.


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