First time for everything.

Every time I google something, I come across random babbling @blogspot.com.. People telling you what's up with sewing cushions, random babbling about their days, pictures of stuff they're obsessd with. I kept ignoring them, thinking I got my own babble, but then I happenned upon some interesting entries, and then I got sucked in. To complete the -off of bridge jumping appropriately I feel like I need one of my own now, so here goes.

I don't fully understand how these work just yet, or their purpose - but, may be one day I'll need to remember what day I dropped off my dry cleaning, and I'll turn here to look for the recipe of the salmon I made the day before, whose wine sauce stained the skirt I then neeed to dry clean. Who knows.

I'm also hoping I can track my various projects and failures in here, sewing, painting, furniture refinishing, dirt bike trips, and vacations.

For my very first entry - Tomorrow is Chicago!! to see my awesome, magical, warm and fluffy grandma, mom, and my best friend. Or a severe ear infection, depending on who calls to ask. The cruel irony of this is that there actually IS an ear infection, and I look not forward to flying with it. I'm picturing exploding ears, leaking brain fluid, may be blindness.. and that's before take off.

After take off I usually, and hopefully this time, will find mild comfort in watching my boyfriend.. exist during a flight. He turns an intriguing shade of tropical frog green, and gets about that clammy. Then he clutches the armrests and for the duration of the flight (SNA-ORD = 4 hours) he stares very straight ahead of him, intermittently picking up headphones and checking every available station looking for air traffic control. After that fails, he goes back to channeling panic + doom. He looks so intense I'm constantly surprised other passangers don't call him in. I guess we keep getting lucky.

I'm told the cab will be here 655am, (tropical frog likes to get places stupid-early) so I had better get to packing and my nightly cup of tea. And by pack I mean throw 2 shirts into a bag + ear drops + ipod. I could probably pack more, but it's only a 2 day trip, and in the event of unexpected cold Chicago weather/flooding/layovers, I'm always confident Jesse the frog has packed enough wardrobe to stay warm, mop up a small river, and stay warm and stylish for at least 2 weeks with no worries.

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