Weekend Randomness and Awesomeness

I had to get up early to win some eyeshadow on Ebay..  Sounds terrible, and was.  No auction should end at 4:53am PST.  Jesse actually set an alarm, pulled up the auction, and woke me up 3 minutes prior to close, to see if I wanted to bid.  So, I won (because I have Jesse, and because nobody else in would consider stalking Ebay at 4am, according to Jesse) and there's going to be some very bright green (Lucky Green) Mac eye stuff coming to my house this week.

I have been fascinated by YouTube makeup tutorials, to the point where my right eyeball 'area' is nearly out of comission - I had put tape across the corner of my eye, but the tape YouTube chicks use must not be my CVS bulk special, cause the tape came off, the glue didn't, and a lot of rubbing later, I have a pretty raw eyeball 'area'.  Fail.  More makeup experiments are postponed till eyeball heals, which works out, since Ebay shadow due to arrive later in week.  I think I got close:

Purple eyeshadow on my eyebrow?  Yep, all planned.  It's part of the look.

Ok, so may be I failed a little.  At the end, when I saw it wasn't really matching the tutorial, I got a little desperate and just started using up all the bright colors and stuff that glittered that I had.  I have been washing my face with nothing but water for months, and finally, I had reason to use up a gallon of those 'free with purchase' Lancome makeup removers.  But, check out that line at the outer corner.  Tape, my friends.    

Anyway. Since I was already up hideously early, and giraffy and I had Farmers Market plans, Jess and I scrambled to the gym for a mini 1.5 mile run/crawl.  Not something I'll likely repeat.   I prefer to gym in the evening, and promptly pass out.  Walking around ALL day, with tired, wobbly legs is stupid.  Despite what Jesse says about being energized, or whatever.  He used to run before work.  If, for some reason, I found myself running before work (rabid squirrel attack in the parking lot, or something) I'd call in sick.  We've been training pretty regularly for an upcoming 5k, but this morning gym stuff is madness.  

1.55 miles = 160 calories.  Not even a Twix bar.  Sigh.  So much pain.  So little gain.  Double sigh.  

Farmers Market was as magical as giraffy had advertised it.  Few things are worth getting out of bed for before 10, but giant beets are.  Especially when coupled with mini rum cakes, Russian tea cookies,  and garlic and herb goat cheese that I can just eat with a spoon.  Their vegetables and fruits were amazing, with larger sample selection that Costco (win!) and super cheap prices.  I don't know what I pay at Vons for three sickly, scabby beets, but I got 3 awesome, giant ones, for $2.  Giraffy also picked up some golden beets, and I'm awaiting to see what she does with them and how it goes.   Her future cooking experiments aside, it's pretty awesome to go with a friend for all the 'one for $6, or 2 for $10' deals.  Hello, goat cheese, at a dollar discount.

I wanted to get a bunch of the sweet pea bunches, fill a bathtub with them, and lay in it all day.  I think it's the smell.  There were lots of flowers.  Pretty flowers, that smelled liked flowers, and so cheap.  Bunches, and arrangements.  I asked the guy's phone number, so I have it when time comes to decorate my after wedding party.   May be I can arrange for a bathtub of sweet peas.

After the market, we were supposed to plant a vegetable garden of some sort, but giraffy panicked last minute and realized she had no plan, and it's unwise to go throw cash about Lowe's with no plan, especially when you have a track record of ruthless planticide.   Instead, we lounged by the pool, got sunburned, and talked about diligently murdering plants and obsessive Ebay bidding behaviors, both of which we share.  And Crocs.  It appears we all.  Love.  Crocs.

To make the most of today, and since my legs gave out, and I was only into stationary activities, I was really hoping to finish sewing a Vogue 8552 dress I have going, all cut out and everything.    (I love the giant pockets!) 

But it turns out I lost all but the French version of the instructions.  My knowledge of French is very casual and has nothing to do with things like "seam" or "hem", and  I considered going forward, but I have seen me mess up enough plan English directions, so I headed to JoAnn's for a duplicate, which they didn't have.  But.  I found, going through a box that had not yet been unpacked, while Jesse muttered stuff about "rules" and "employees only", a Butterick's re-release that I'd been looking for, since summer, the 4790:  

It's called the "Walkaway Dress", and it was so popular when it came out first (as #6015), that production of all patterns was halted to fill backorders on this one.  Apparently, you can start this dress after breakfast, and walk away to lunch in it.  I will test this tomorrow and update.   Since I had to put away the pre-cut 8552, due to to foreign directions and all.  

Meanwhile, and to crown the awesomeness of today, Jesse has been looking for a steamer, the type that smoothes out wool suits, not the vegetable type.  His new job is all about suits, and he's picked up some beautiful suits and sport coats, that he likes..  steamed?  When stuff we need comes up, as a hobby and habit we rarely run out and get it, we add it to a mental list of things to look out for while thrifting.  If that fails, we try Ebay, or Craigslist, and if that fails, we discuss our retail options.  We had just talked about how we hadn't seen one out and about, when the Salvation Army by JoAnns had this parked in the corner:

It was brand new, dusty, but still with plastic stickers covering surfaces, and it was the Storewide 30% off Saturday, so it came out to $8.  Which is a good thing, because I read some reviews online, and the consensus seems to be, its awesome, until it dies after a couple years.  But, if Jesse gets to get steamy with his jackets for a couple years and not dry clean stuff as often, it's worth $8.  The 2 year countdown begins, I guess.  Ha.


  1. Wow. That's a lotta Croc.

    (PS, I do not love them)

  2. Those Crocs are awesome. And look at Baby stick her foot in there like a rockstar!!!

    Snork, I adore that second dress. I want one.

  3. Oh no. Pictures fail. I'm so mediocre at this blogging thing. At least the Crocs showed up!

    Heather, if I make you one, can we take them to a swing dance party somewhere? :D

  4. I'm so behind but dude. I cannot tell you how much my kid wants one of those Tobi things.

    My little infomercial junkie would DIE of jealousy if she saw that!!