Walkaway Dress, continued.

So, I measured Nora, and she matched my measurements on the shoulders, and boobs.  The waist is within an inch.  Hips are smaller by 1.5".  And yet, dress on Nora is not the same as dress on me:

Why does the boob area take a vertical shrink?  Anyway.  It's all very girdle like.

I am supposed to be getting ready for a camping trip and leaving for Utah tonight, so I had limited time.  I had Jesse pin up the shoulders, in a fashion that produced least gaping and puckering in the back, and I cut into the front, to lower it. 

This way, a dress on Nora is still not the same as dress on me, but I think the lowered front looks better?  I chopped two inches off the top of the front in cetner, curving out to sides.  It must be the 3 slices of pineapple pizza, in my stomach they're eating up all the slack.  Again, consult Nora and me.  WTF.  Any lower, and Nora's unmentionables would be bared, but on me, I'd probably be above belly button.   I must remeasure Nora, somewhere an extra 6 inches have snuck in.  I am feeling very stumpy-torso-ed. 

To achieve the look on the pattern front picture, looks like front might need even more chopping:

To be continued..


  1. To achieve the look in the pattern picture, you're going to need about a 15 inch waist (good luck with that). No worries, though, it's still gonna be super cute when it's done!

  2. The more I work on it, the more I think you're right. The 15" extra waist inches are really tempering with the LOOK. Snot.