Camping Chronicles, Hair Suspicious-ness.

I'm in the car moving fast toward Moab, UT (stopping in Vegas for the 5 hour night) and all I can think about is my hair.

It was being atrocious, on and off. This last time, it was really magical. Giraffy has taken to rubbing her head with an intriguing mixture of honey and baking soda (I've tried both separately and the experiences has given me very little faith in their teamwork, but she loves it so far), so she offered for me to try the Peppermint Shampoo bar from BlueBonnet Trails, I have been using random bits of soap, like it, and mostly Dr Bronner's. At the height of madness I went out and got Dr Bronners Magic Rinse, which I'm undecided on. I think it might be a splash too oily for my thin, limp hairycles. But it's also a little magical. And expensive. But as a short term "fix", it worked - I'll do oily before waxy any day.
Anyway, the bar, last friday, and it was all pinkness and fluffyness. (Granted + diluted rinse). It's soft, nice, clean, NON waxy, and has lasted 4 good days, started getting oily today, but still very wearble. Then again, the waxy has r e a l l y lowered the bar, but I think its pretty great.
And now, I'm freaking out - we're going camping, which was 80% reason for starting 'no poo'. I got some liquid Bronner (for hair, body, and dishes) and the Plan is to wash tonight and make it till sunday. It's cold in Utah right now. I have washed my hair out of a precariously balanced jug on my tailgate before in 20' and it ain't pretty.
I think I can hear it conspiring. I will wake up tomorrow, at 5am, for the 6 hour drive, and it will be a giant clump of wax. I didn't pack the magic rinse, either. Trying to really pare down this trip, we always have enough stuff to form a permanent settlement out in desert. Anyway. I have vision of waxy helmet head (if I can pry helmet off). I think it lulled me into false hope and is waiting to strike at my weakest. I have very, very little faith in it behaving. It has officially made me crazy.

But I see Vegas lights! :D

(By the way, we're not staying in Bellagio. We're staying at Econolodge, where they let us back truck to window, and jesse can sleep with a firearm pointed at the window, lest someone rattle one of the 19 chains we got running through our bikes and gear. But, Bellagio does look pretty. Ha)
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