Week 9-10 No Poo Hair Horrors

It's week 10 currently, I think.  I forgot to post this last week.  Or may be I was waiting to attach some pictures, but they're pretty inconsistent.  Hm.  I forget where I'm at in this saga.  Anyway, the short of it is, for SOME reason, if I comb the soap through my hair, it is awesome.  If I do not, or do not do it diligently enough, it's nice on top, but proceeds to separate into strands, and generally behaves very candle like. 

I re-dyed it, for the first time in forever, and used a bit of my fancy conditioner.  It behaved beautifully for the photo shoot last weekend.  I washed it again Sunday, no comb, and it came up clumpy and waxy.  Bah.  I rewashed Monday water only, with a little soap on the lengths, where the waxy lives, combed through, and it became beautiful again.  I can't quite understand why me washing the lengths thoroughly is not the same as combing.  But, this last time I noticed some pink wax (red hair dye) on the comb.  So, my theory is that the soap loosens and the combing washes wax away in the shower, and it's not magic like I previously thought.  It stays nice and clean up on top all the time, so I really don't have to wash it more than twice a week.  This is redeeming.  Someday, I can probably move to once every 5 days. 

I am trying to figure out if this has to do with hard water at all.  I read somewhere that dissolving baking soda in boiled water worked for the hard water no poo experimenting.  I'm not using baking soda, because in small quantity it didn't do much for me, and in larger quantities, it dried my hair out.  It also stripped my red dye out pretty fast.  So, I'm on natural soap (I call it a shampoo bar).  I wonder if somehow lathering up the soap in boiled water and then transferring to my head would help. 

Last week, I had run out of soap (tragedy), so Jesse ran to CVS and got us a Dr Bronner's Lavender bar.  I heard it mentioned on my favorite message board, so I was excited.  Subsequently, I saw them at Mother's, at a lower price, and a bigger variety (rose!!).  They also have liquid stuff, if I was interested in paying $9.  They had a whole aisle of things that appealed to me, actualy.  SIGH. 

Anyway, it's a little relief that at least I know how to get it to behave if I need to.  I'm hoping it goes away.  I might, just MIGHT, take all types of time boiling mad amounts of water, and using only IT to wash the hair.  I mean, it's not a method I could sustain long term.  Grasping at straws, really.  But now that I know if I diligently comb it, it's fine, I'm not as pissy.  It does not need conditioner, oddly. It's actually really nice, and I'm feeling good about using paper wrapped soap, and no plastic bottles.  I have transferred the remaining shampoos and conditioners into the guest bathroom, and since Jesse is doing this with me, we only need the one bar between us.

UPDATE:  (This is the week 10 part of the post) Apparenty, wet combing doesn't always work.  It's out to get me.  I had wash/combed it last week, before the NorCal trip, went ot bed thinking it'll be magical, and it was waxy and gross for my liking all the next day.  UGH.  This is AFTER the combing.  Not super waxy, like I've seen it, but about a 4 on the gross chart.  Anyway, so after my stepmom and my sisters all got to touch it and go, "OMG, how WEIRD"..   I washed it again Saturday, Bronner's Bar, nothing else, as usual, and loosely finger combed the soap through, cause I wasn't in the mood for its shenanigans, and wasn't in the mood to comb and cuddle it.  Anyway, no combing at all, and I woke up Sunday to nice and clean unwaxy hair.  I don't know what's happening.  But it is now Wednesday, I last washed it the Saturday, and it's just fine.  I mean, it's due for a wash, but it's not waxy, it's not greasy, it's just like normal hair.  So, I guess, 'sort of Yay'?

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