I Need To Suck Less (The Plan)

The List comes to mind.  (Which I have sucked at updating) Why am I not addressing items on there?  Not only have I not refinished the Modern Danish Tables, but I haven't listed stuff on Craigslist to clear the garage enough so I can get access to the tables.  Neither can Jesse get to our dirt bikes, so any kind of maintenance I need him to do before the weekend is out of question, because he doesn't really work under Hobbit conditions, and it's embrassing to strew all of our stuff across the alley for a day. 

I haven't blogged either.  It's not a very good documentary of projects or thrifting at all.  Well, the projects have been at halt recently, so there's that.  I may as well call it, "Stuff I Found a Year Or So Ago.."

My bedroom is a mess.  I got back from a cruise.  (!!!) and never unpacked.  It's been two weeks.  With my luck, there's an uneaten lunch somewhere in there.  Or some stashed cakes (unlimited food buffet style is a terrible thing to do to a hungry Russian girl..)

I have a broken shot glass stuck in my garbage disposal yesterday night, so I simply declared kitchen off limits (till daylight) so dishes wouldn't have to be washed.  Even though Jesse was all over it (headlamp and all).  But when he does housework I feel like I ought be doing housework..  so I prevent HIM from doing any, either.  It's an efficient household I 'run'.  Or don't. 

Luckily, the blender mechanism was functioning just fine, so I had some margaritas with the neighbors, and went to bed at 1am.  On a Wednesday. 

Few weeks ago, I got a cold, right before a cruise.  I skipped gym and sulked.  Then there was Cruise with Giraffy, and it was magical.  The week after was "cruise recovery".  Now it's just been plain old ugly laziness.  This and a nasty American Idol habit I picked up.  Which is exactly why I don't watch TV, it's like crack.  Stupid, time swallowing, black hole chore postponing crack.  But I let people at work babble at me about American Idol, so there I am, waiting for 9pm, cheering on Crystal and Siobhan.  Like an AA veteran slipped up and carried away in a stream of whiskey.  

In addition to this, we've eaten a lot more erratically (read: out) in the past 3 weeks.  I've tried to reign it in this week, since I actually enjoy cooking.  I don't know what was up with March.  I really need a redeeming April.  I don't have a chaotic job, my only complaint is getting off at 6.  I don't have children.  I don't let wild boar stampedes run through my bedroom. 

I think I need, in addition to THE LIST, a PLAN.  And then I need to adhere to it, better than I pay attention to the LIST.

The PLAN (for Today)

- run 2 miles after work
(must be done.  brownies were had.  yesterday's dinner was bread+olive oil, and
margaritas, prosciutto wrapped in mozzarella cheese)

- list on Craigslist:
the coffee table
the TV stand
the MX Hauler.  (I really don't want to part, but I have 2 trailers, and trucklet (Rav4) does not like to have 300lbs suspended 20" away from bumper on its sheet metal frame.  SIGH)

-the garbage disposal.  I either need to address the kitchen or not meddle in Jesse's way when he does.  I mean, seriously.  My grandmother would 'fall through the floor from embarassment". 

Oh, and - NO TV.  Background music that is conducive to Craigslisting and clearing out glass shards out of a garbage disposal.

I'll stop there, since I haven't been at all efficient lately.  Baby steps.  BABY steps. 


  1. Garbage disposal. Tonight, I'm all over it. I'll distract you with something colorful... then go to work. ;)

  2. LOL. I enjoyed this blog. I also have a "List" that I never do anything with. I need to suck MUCH less.