Purses, Beads, Silk Scarves and Dress Form FAIL

I am really trying to walk out of the thrift shops empty handed.  I really am.  I don't know how this stuff happens.  Every time I vow to make it a "viewing excursion only", and come home with:

The kids found it for me, in a San Francisco G-Mart, and it's adorable. 

G-Mart -> Goodwill =  Tarje -> Target.  The number of times I utter Goodwill references in public called for a fancy nickname.  Mostly for Jesse's gentle nature.  He walked into this relationship straight from Macy's $120 shirts.  I gently eased him into Nordstrom Rack, and now I shamelessly bring home stuff I found in an alley with a completely straight face.  I often wonder if it offends his gentle sensibilities when he says he needs new slacks, and I offer the address of 3-4 thrift shops G-Marts that I think are *perfect* for finding slacks.  I think he's adapted, because he was a little disappointed his $5 slacks for engagement pictures did not have the blue 50% off tag.

But, back to the shiny purse - it's really inconsiderate of the kids to bring me shiny stuff to consider they know I have an unhealthy texure/color fixation.   The number of times I actually leave house with a tiny purse?  Close to none.  Oh, let's not make it the blog of lies.  None, actually.  It's a Waters and Davis, made in US, coin purse, there are a few of them on the internets.  I think mine is from the 50's?  I like to guess a history of any dumpstered object.  I like to imagine the Russian Tsars having a lot to do with it.  (Not the 50's purse, clearly, but most anything else)

I might have mention Debbie's Attic Dumpster, our favorite junk shop in Pacifica, CA, has a dress form I have wanted since the summer.  The owner insists she's going to dress her up, but it's never happened.  Mysteriously, though, she won't sell it.  Until this weekend anyway.  I asked [for the 20th time] and she came back with a "today only' offer of 'non negotiable' $95 dollars.  With a promise to change her mind tomorrow.    I mean.  It's perfect because it has, within half and inch all MY measurements.  But, it's wobbly, it's got a questionable for pinning styrofoam layer (I think it's a mannequin more than a seamsress tool), and it's got holes in the covering.   I looked at my stepmom, and she whispered that $45 would be her ceiling on said form..  Did I mention that you have to climb over a china shelf, a couple trunk full of stuff, and hop over a bedframe, just to view this form?  I just might have to let that dream go.  Although my parents said they'd come when the owner's husband is in, who is more reasonable, and interested in moving stuff out. 

I did find this silk scarf for $3, that I envision having multiple uses (I like to pretend that I can wear tube tops made out of a silk scarf tied around myself in the summer.  The reality of wearing such an outfit is probably very remote).  And a couple of vintage sewing patterns for 10c each. 

They aren't as cool as McCalls 9777, (a big fluffy 50's dress) that I scored here (also 10c) in the summer, but I hope to get a run at them all the same.  I have accumulated a nice stash of random fabrics from JoAnn's 50% off clearance isle and garage sales, that I can take on a 'test' project pretty inexpensively. 

Also seen, but not gotten was a fox, or an otter of some sort, no longer alive, and shoulder ready.   I'm not sure how I feel about vintage dead animals. 

In a shop down the street, we found a giant - me sized bird cage.  It was a little disturbing, the interest Jesse showed in it.  Although, I guess with enough pillows and a proper view it could make for a nice reading spot.

The same shop had a $3 Russian teaspoon, hallmarked "МНЦ", a little rooster, and a stamped price of 1 rouble, 20 kopeiks. 

I researched it a little, and the Russian letters than look a little like "MHU" stand for an alloy of copper, nickel, and zinc, that was often silver or gold plated. Also known as "German silver" or "white copper".   Mine might be silver plated, but I can't tell. I don't know what time it's from, but I could probably figure it out if I researched the price.  Sometime during the Soviet regime.  The pattern is just like silverware we had in Ukraine when I was little.  I don't know why, but it's cool to find stuff like that in a small antique shop in a small town in Northern California. 

Total dumpstering spendage: $8.50.   Not bad for weekends' worth of entertainment.   It SHOULD have been $28.50, because I was eyeballing this ADORABLE set of 10 shot glasses, all different colors, with an etched design, at a nearby Treasure Cove (also antique shop in down the street) but I walked away.  We don't have a china cabinet, and unless I get Jesse to build me a display rack, like he did for the teacups, it would be a shame to have them hidden somewhere.  I see the next home project looming... 

And, keeping up with the Purses I Kind Of Have No Use For theme, I had last week, at G-Mart by the house, on TWO different days, found:


I have mentioned a bead obsession, right?  This last one is suffering from some broken threads and mising beads, but nothing I can't fix.  Luckily, I happen to have a ton of beads, and finally, FINALLY, they will come in handy. I knew it.  I don't keep useless stuff.  It's all very useful.  Eventually. 

The Seashell was $1.99 and Flowers was unmarked, and ended up $6.99.  (After I shamelessly haggled and partook in #8 of top 10 sucky things about thrift shops.  Thanks for the link and giggles, Thrift Store Mama) I was totally "that guy".  I mean, it's Goodwill.  You got it for free.  It's raining beads all over the floor and counter.  Be reasonable.  $6.99 was way too much, especially for something dainty that does not fit my giant tea thermos, camera, phone, and 5lbs of random odds and ends, but I was a little in love already and it was too late. 

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