I'm a Sugar Doll!!

Stacy at Moderate Means probably heard about the miserable, self pitying wreck of a week I am having, and to cheer me up before I dissolved in a puddle of snot, she gave me an award! 

I do love me some awards.  This one  entails telling people 10 things they probably didn’t know about you. I’m not clear if they have to be cool things, but since Stacy mentioned something about 4th grade, blue socks, and orange jelly shoes, I am guessing not so much. Tehee. 

It’s hard, cause I babble a lot about myself, and a decent internet search will probably turn up everything you need to know to impersonate me on a weekly phonecall to my mom.

But, here goes:

1. I used to read everything. Books, candy wrappers, anything. If I didn’t have something to read, I was running around in a frenzy till I found something, like my grandma’s passport on trips, or the newspaper that merchandize was wrapped with. It was a little disturbing, but convenient at the same time. It also came in handy for being the biggest teacher’s pet of all time. Seriously, any class picture – I’m easy to find.

2. I spent a lot of village ‘spare time’ by climbing up and copying the cross stitch patterns of the wall hangings. Talk about “playing quietly” by myself. I also cut out my dolls from sticks (Russian kids can play with knives) and painted them with my mom’s nail polish. Then I got in trouble for missing knives and nail polish.
3. I grew up 300km away from Chernobyl.

4. I learned conversational English by watching Full House with captions on, and Blossom, but when that girl Six talked, I couldn’t understand anything. For the longest time I was so used to captions, I couldn’t watch TV without them.

5. Jesse and I met on an internet message board, and on our first date, he told me I should be his girlfriend . On our second date I drove to see him in NorCal, and almost got cold feet last few miles in, slowed to 55mph behind a truck and considered turning around. When I finally got there, he took me to see the “house he grew up in”; which was located in some dark long forgotten orchard in NorCal. I had my fingers on my pepper spray and had dialed a 9 and a 1, and asked him to turn around and go back towards the city… Luckily he did, so nobody got Maced.

6. I don’t like dogs. I just don’t. I think they’re smelly, and ungraceful, and generally far too perky for my tastes. I think Korea’s onto something.. [img]http://kolobok.us/smiles/standart/no2.gif[/img]

7. I once tried to catch a rattle snake for a “pet”. I was well in my twenties, and two step children were talking me out of it. I was going to ‘capture’ it into an empty apple juice jug. When it went into its hole, I poured some water in to get it to come out. It went poorly. Rattle snakes can jump, near vertically apparently.

8. I once tried to catch a porcupine for a “pet. It didn’t go well either.

9. I have no pets, and I routinely kill all my plants and flowers. Either through neglect, or through over zealous water/prune/gardening. Sometimes, they just die just to stick it to me, I think. I go through states where I get a whole bunch, really get into it, but then they all die and piss me off. Sigh.

10. I want to have lots of children. Like, at least 3. But, may be 4 or 5. Then I think about putting all of them through college, and it freaks me out. As does pregnancy, and that whole birthing nonsense, which I really want no part of the conventional, “baby makes its way” way. And, what if they grow up to be snotty? Like, all 5 of them?! I’d really like to do it in sets of triplets and twins, to minimize the pregnancy deal. I compulsively gather and collect various miscellaneous info about pregnancies, to mentally file away if needed. BTW, Thanks for that PUPPS, reference, Stacy! Talk about having preemptive nightmares. Then I think about them and freak myself even further out.

There. That was good to get off my chest. Thank you Stacy! This definitely makes up for the PUPPS Google image search I have felt had been entirely your fault. *snicker*

In turn, I would like to pass this award onto giraffy at 365 Days of Awesome.   It’s an award, so she’ll be pleased, and possibly bake me some more cookies, and what an awesome way to be non chalantly nosy!


  1. *laughing* Yeah, I'm thinking that a Google Image search of PUPPPs would be a fairly effective birth control! Oh, what misery it was...

    I loved your 1st random thing. I am the same way. I read toothpaste tubes, instruction manuals, junkmail...if it has letters on it, I *have to* read it. It's a compulsion!

  2. I read EVERYTHING too! I would read cereal boxes, toothpaste boxes, shampoo bottles, EVERYTHING!!!