Vogue 8556 Part II

The bra cup idea was actually Mr Snorks, as I was prowling JoAnn's, looking for things I might need, and things I would never need but that are on clearance, therefore impossible to walk past without at least considering. 

I hadn't even considered if the back of the dress is high enough for a normal strapless bra.  I could get away without, but I like the bra cup shape and looking like I'm the sort of person who wear a bra.
Then it turned out it takes half hour to pin a cup into some lining.  Who knew.  After 8 failed trial and error episodes, where I pinned cups to lining, ran to the mirror, found out they sit 2" below my boobs, rinse repeat with varying (all unsuccessful) results,  the idea bulb finally went off.  I put on the front piece backwards, placed the bra cups on top of what is the lining in a way I thought was flattering (debatable), traced the outline with chalk, and then pinned the cups to lining before crossing my fingers and  sewing them on.  Temporarily placing a peach inside to keep the fabric curved the way I needed it.  For some reason 'more flattering' included flipping the cups upside down from the package illustration.  

I used the thin, foam cups.  Next time JoAnn's is sending out their 50% off coupons, I'm buying out the whole shelf of them and sewing them into e v e r y t h i n g.

I'm a fan. 

In an unrelated story, this fabric would make an awesome swimsuit.  I hope to have enough remnants left over to fashion something like that.  Or panties.  How awesome is it to have a dress and MATCHING panties.  Some ruffles and a quick flower headband out of the same remnants and I could totally dress myself like a 3 year old.

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