Vogue 8556 Part I

I'm super excited about this pattern, so I thought I'd try it, even though I should *really* be undoing and redoing my curtains with blackout fluff.  (They are currently unattractively see-through).  But, there's a pretty back strap involved, and I got sucked in.

First draft of the chest piece required a lot more boob than is available, so I read a few tutorials on Small Bust Adjustments.

I really liked someone called Gertie doing a tissue pinching thing, and coming up with a beautifully fitted bust.  I considered it, cause she made it look so good.  Then I remembered I suck, and if I pinned my tissues together and onto me, they would end up shredded before I could find my pencil, and I would be reduced to a pissed off, TP'd version of me, looking to go buy a new pattern (no longer on $3.99 sale, no doubt)

We'll call it the ghetto SBA.  I clipped, snipped, and overlapped with abandon, shortened the neckline, and the second draft was more pleasing.  It appears I also have to move the pleats two inches to the outside, either because the new pattern piece, or my shape. Original pleats are no good.  I also hacked away a half inch at the widest, in an arc in the middle to make more of a V shape. 

This doesn't include everything I did, but it looks like I know what's up with drawing fancy lines and overlapping stuff, so I'm posting it. 

Then there's interpreting the illustration on the pattern envelope as it relates to bodice length.  It appears it extends over the hips.  But when I extend 3 layers of fabric, one of them gathered, from my boobs to my hips, I lose my waist entirely and start feeling like a hippo.

I shortened the bodice piece a little, and that seemed to help a tiny bit.

Or not?  I need to start drafting muslins in a more flattering black.  In a related story, I am NOT a Vogue size 14. 

Doesn't look good for 16 either, if I ever wanna sit.  Measuring fail.  Check out the back strap situation though?! 

In a related story, I was pretty excited to find an actual model picture on Vogue site. The cartoon drawings are awesome, but then I get really discouraged when what I come up with just doesn't look the same and cause I'm not 6'3".  They ought hire someone else to do pattern caricatures.  I want to see 30" bust and 40" hips on the envelope, thanks, Vogue. 

And, finally, the two fabrics I have with enough yardage:

I'm thinking Door #2.  The red is shiny, and I don't know that I can handle shiny and slippery just yet. 
YEEP!  The project goes on.


  1. I hate Vogue patterns; their sizes are whacky wrong. But I really like the way the top of your dress looks. I'd say that's a win!

  2. Do you have a finished product picture to post? We are considering this for bridesmaids pattern. But don't like the photo so much. Looks a bit dowdy with seam down the middle and braless look

  3. We are also considering this as a bridesmaids pattern, but don't like the dowdy braless appearance of the photo and seam down the front of the skirt. I understand that with the less full skirt we can cut the pattern without a seam and are going to try that.
    Question: Was the back high enough to wear with a regular strapless bra? I would love to see pictures of the finished product also.