Simplicity 2364 / Tshirt ReCycle

The 99c sale came and went, so I stocked up some more, despite Mr Snork's objections.  Cause, for 99c, I think I should actually get 2 of each pattern.. just in case. 

I made view D, out of an XL Tshirt in the "rag pile", to test it out.



 I know, you're thinking, 'doesn't she know she looks fat in that?'  But that's only because I'm slightly pregnant.  The 'special diet' I mentioned couple months ago referred to the complete lack of interest in food (and most other things, except naps).

Here it is on Nora, looking pretty spectacular:

 I really should have made this top that one week when my boobs grew all of a sudden, and for once, were bigger than my belly in profile.  But, other than the timing it turned out cute.  I didn't need the elastic, because of Tshirt used, - I cut size 12, which seems to work out for 34 bust and formerly 28 waist.   I would definately cut a larger size if I wasn't using stretchy fabric though.  I used one of the sleeves, cut off, to extend the top front view, to be able to include the Octopus (Yay, California Coast Clean Up Day!), and the back worked out just fine, cut off center:

  I like that its length, I hate, HATE short shirts that ride up.  Overall, it's a neat way to recycle old shirts, the only catch being, they should generally be couple sizes too big.  Although I had a whole other sleeve to work with, it makes for a lot of extra seams.  The facing had to be made from another tshirt entirely, from Mr Snork's TShirts For Rags Pile, and I cut it using the gathered front and back as templates, to avoid gathering it and having a bulky shoulder seam (for a TShirt, anyway, might be fine in other fabrics)

For what its worth, it's not a terrible maternity shirt, when I stop sucking my stomach in for modeling pictures, even if the octopus gets lost a bit.

Next up either more quilting (I'm a quilter now, a really, really bad one), or Simplicity 2587, to see if I can make use of my new boobs, while mutilating the pattern waist size to make room for Strawberry. 

Mr Snork has also requested a gun cleaning mat and a rifle sack, out of some manly camo fabric I have laying around left over from the manly yoga bag, but he's yet to present me with his full concept.  I found that the big four are lacking in their gun/ammo pattern selection, so he's gotta be pretty specific.

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