A DIY Doughnut Pillow for the Pregodactyl.

I had all those trash bags of couch stuffing I rescued from the dysfunctional couch cushions, to trip over in the bedroom, where I hid them from the rest of the world.  Because I knew I would find a use for them.  Meanwhile, disposable space in my bedroom = about 5 trashbags of couch fluff.  I had 4 bags.  1 trash bag worth of square footage in a bedroom is not pretty.  They'd been in there for a month, and Mr Snork started acting positively homicidal towards them, so I finally got creative and made a U shaped pillow, for all my pregodactyl woes.

I have the actual Snoogle or whatever pillow someone kindly donated to me, and it's nice, but I don't like that it also goes under your head.  I like my feather pillows under my head.  So, I wanted something similar, and may be a little firmer, to prevent me from rolling on my back.  (For some creepy reason that I'm sure is explained somewhere in "What To Expect While You're Growing A WHOLE Other Person Inside YOU", if I end up on my back during the night, I wake up with numb extremities.  This makes me think Strawberry isn't getting enough blood either, and then I freak out, and stay up for an hour googling things like "decreased placenta bloodflow" and "blood deprived fetus".)

I found some nice almost denim-like fabric in my stash, and drew what I thought would be an acceptable pillow on fold:

The shape turned out OK.  I wanted more of a straight U shape, but I think I ended up free-handing with the rotary cutter too much.  It works out, because the resulting shape can be curled into a doughnut of sorts, which is useful.
It was too wide, at first, so I stitched the center taking in 2":

I FINALLY had a use for one of the 80 million zippers I picked up at some garage sale for a dollar.  Zipper, inserted, two trash bags of couch fluff later:

I can arrange it into a doughnut and lay on my belly, having it hang into the doughnut 'hole'.  It's been pleasing for my back, which is currently jacked up.  I was really picturing myself to be the pregnant chick that runs all the way into the 9th month, but apparently, I'll be the pregnant chick that swims every once in a while mostly sitting on her ass, sewing things, drinking tea and crumpets, and laying around wrapped up like a cat in a pillow doughnut.  (Some pelvic joint thing I'm hoping is a fluke and will resolve any.day.now.)

Next up, a reading wedge pillow, and I should be couch- fluff- trash- bag- free!

I don't always use it to hang out on living room floor.. but I guess I could?


  1. That doesn't look crazy. Not at all. :D

  2. Hater. I mean, I take it to bed, and sleep with it. Under the covers. You can't even tell. Except that I (it) takes up most of the king size space, and Mr Snork has to huddle somewhere on the outskirts of bed. :o LoL