Baby Mouse Wants to Play, Too.

She came to be almost 6 months ago, and if she knew she wasn't even mentioned in this blog, she'd be pissed.  Although, to be fair, nothing's been mentioned in this blog in about 6 months, give or take (give) the last two long months of pregnancy where I couldn't feel my ribs anymore and nothing seemed fun.  

She went from this tiny, unimpressed, lip pursing creature (that we were all scared of):

To this:

Still tiny, but a whole little person, with a personality, likes (Mr Snork, baths, her toes), dislikes (she changes these up frequently to keep me on my toes, but always greeted with a ridiculous for her size angry grunt), and all types of skills (that we're still scared of, but not as much). 

Like this whole foot in the mouth business.  She couldn't do this couple weeks ago.  I got probably 80 shots on my camera during this toe discovery business.  My hard drive at 6 months post partum is groaning with the weight of thousands of baby pictures.  Some taken in continuous action mode.  Which makes me think, I have a couple pictures of my great grandma.  Baby Mouse's great-grandchildren will be able to see her every day since birth, until Mr Snork confiscates my camera, like he's been threatening. 

She's amazing all over, of course, because I  m a d e  her (with some help from Mr Snork) but she has been particularly amazing in two respects.  One is her standing.  She started doing it at about 4 weeks old, she'd straighten herself  and we thought it was gas, until it turned out she just really likes to stand upright.  At about the same time we learned that she did not like being cradled, which to this day, makes for a feeding challenge. 

And the other is her face.   She's been giving us dirty looks from Day 1.  They say babies can't focus well the first couple weeks..  I'm here to tell you, if there's was a reason to focus (milk not in mouth soon enough) she managed to focus.  I read an article that said tiny babies don't know what hunger is, and they don't know when it hits, that their parents will be there shortly to relieve it, hence the massive freak out.  She may not know I'll be there to relieve it, but she looks at me like she KNOWS I could've been there sooner.  It's pretty amazing.  And, for Mr Snork, there are also looks of complete and utter adoration.  The first bunch of actual, real smiles were actually directed at Mr Snork.  Of course.  And his ribs didn't even feel a thing.  Typical.

Please welcome Baby Mouse (formerly referred to as Strawberry. Turns out she's less of a fruit and more of a tiny animal in person.)  My new, tiny, adorable, temperamental sidekick.  Who loves her Papa a little more than me, but I'm not bitter or anything.  It's probably a baby thing. 


  1. !!!!!!
    Does this mean you're back to blogging? That would please me.

  2. Yes, I am! I have things to say and the internet needs to hear it.