Vogue 8438 Complete!

The previous attempt to shame myself into finishing the coat has been successfull.  It's missing the snaps, or more likely, hooks that I'll use for closure, because I'd like to be able to put it on before I position them.  And I am about 3 months from being able to put it on.  

I also hadn't topstitched the two front panels, because I haven't decided if I want to do a running stitch by hand instead of a machine stitch (in pink!).   I added a belt thingy in the back, and had topstitched the edges, so if I decide to hand stitch the front, the back would have to be re-done to match. 


I love the 'flower petal collar'.  I wanted it tighter around my neck, to make it warmer for the windy Chicago/NorCal trips, and I wasn't sure how to do that, so I just added 1/2" all around the neckline.  It worked beautifully.

 I also moved in the princess seams 1/2" in towards the center by redrafting the side front pieces [wider] and the cetner front pieces [narrower].  In retrospect, I should have done it for the back as well.

I lined it in some rad $1 JoAnn's clearance Simply Silky print I had laying around.  It was a little vile to work with, but I love the end result.  I used the Threads tutorial on bagging the lining, instead of the pattern direction to leave it hanging free, though I left an opening at bottom for outside pleat. 

It's also interlined with cotton flannel.  A giant industrial sized bolt of it that I got for $3 at a garage sale, while Mr Snork kicked and screamed, and that has been an endless supply of interlining for all drapes in my house, and now this jacket.  I cut the pieces with lining, and serged the lining + interlining edges together, and then worked with with them as one piece.  I omitted the center back pleat in the interlining though, it was looking a little bulky.   Mr Snork gifted me my clothing labels, and I used a scrap of raw silk to 'frame it' a la RTW stuff:

I drafted a back facing piece for a more RTW look, and to offset the 6 layers of collar/interfacing/coat that it was to be sewn onto.  I had a hard time pressing seams because of the 'velvet like' pile of the uncut cordiroy, but I think they turned out OK.  I used sew-in interfacing, heavy for the collar band and medium for the facings, but I wish I had used something even more burly for the collar band.   Although it falls kinda nicely as is:

It feels nice and heavy like a jacket should, and I am pretty pleased with the end result.  I think a matching hat is in order.  Lined in same bright fabric.  I wonder what type of a hat wouldn't have a hard time competing with a giant collar.  Would a matching purse be too much?  :D 


  1. Oh my gosh, the color is absolutely gorgeous. I love it.

  2. What a great coat - love the lining material!